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When will June 9th 2019 start? Will it be cold after 69

Six nine days has come, indicating that spring has already begun, and the weather is no longer cold. So when does the six nine year plan of 2019 start? When does the six nine year plan start? That is to say, the six nine year plan is the beginning of spring, so when does the six nine year plan of 2019 start? Is the six nine year plan still cold?

From which day will June 9, 2019 start:

Which day will Liujiu start in 2019: from February 5, 2019 to February 13, 2019.

The first day of June 9, 2019 is the Spring Festival, that is, the first day of January. The spring of 2019 is on February 4, so 69 is already after the spring. When the spring breeze blows, the grass will sprout, and you can go out in single clothes.

It will not be cold on June 9, 2019:

69. It's spring. It's getting warmer.

The temperature of June 9th has begun to rise. The specific degree depends on the location. If there is no cold current, it is generally 0-10 degrees in Henan and Shandong.

In the environment of lower indoor temperature, the wearing method of baby's clothes is: the top is' thermal underwear + thin sweater or cotton sweater + thick sweater '; the bottom is' thermal underwear + thin wool pants or thick cotton pants + thick wool pants'. In a heated room, you should reduce your clothes appropriately. When parents dress their babies, they just need to know that they only need one less dress than adults.

What do you mean by playing liujiutou in spring

It is a folk proverb that "spring hits the end of May ninth and spring hits the end of 69". It means that the day of beginning spring is either the last day of May ninth or the first day of June ninth. Spring begins on the first day of the sixth Ninth Festival, which is called "spring hits the sixth and ninth heads".

According to the traditional production method of the lunar calendar, spring starts from "beginning of spring" and ends in summer, that is, the first, second and third months of the lunar calendar. Spring is the beginning of spring, the first of the 24 festivals. In ancient times, it used to be the Spring Festival on the first day of spring. Later, the Spring Festival could be changed to the first day of the first lunar month. Shen Kuo of Song Dynasty once said in Mengxi's pen talk: "the day of straight and spring is one of the days of mengchun. 'that's what the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom uses. The beginning of spring is close to the Spring Festival, and the longest time between them is no more than half a month.