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Is it a boy who plays murofi? About murofi

When you are chasing "little girl flowers don't give up" recently, you should not only be attracted by Lin Yichen's preservative like face, but also notice a person who is murofi. Did murofi attract you when he appeared? Before that, many people didn't know whether the actor of murofi, xing'en, is a boy or a girl. Today's editor tells you that xing'en is the most handsome in China Girl ', so she's a girl! Let's see.

Is Xing en out

Xing en was born in Fujian Province on December 9, 1990. He was called "the most handsome girl in China". Xing en is a member of the school basketball team. He is also quite tall. It is reported that xing'en has signed a contract with Tang people since he became popular on the Internet and changed his name from Xing Yachen to xing'en. She is different from many girls in that she is very neutral and handsome, and has short hair, which makes people think that all of them are boys at first sight.

Xing'en's popularity makes many netizens begin to question whether xing'en has come out? In fact, she has never admitted this. It seems that some netizens think that xing'en's girlfriend is Ye Qing, and there are quite a lot of people who kowtow to xing'en Ye Qing CP. However, many women dressed in neutral clothes are generally suspected to be out of the closet. Xing'en's emotional aspect has always been very low-key, there is no gossip, she was given out by others. And Xing en Ye Qing is currently a good friend, Ye Qing is not Xing en's girlfriend.

Xing en's female disguise

Recently, in addition to "whether you know it or not", there should be a lot of little friends chasing "little girl flowers don't give up". The play is starred by Lin Yichen and Zhang Binbin. When Xiaobian is chasing after the drama, her first feeling is: my God! Did Lin Yichen eat preservatives? Now 37, she plays the role of 18-year-old girl without any sense of disobedience. She looks exactly like yuan Xiangqin in "kiss of mischief" 14 years ago. Then I look at the man's opinion of Binbin. From the departure of "three lives and ten li peach blossom", Xiaobian thinks that this man is really handsome This time, the ancient costume in "flowers don't give up" is still online.

I thought that Zhang Binbin was the only one in the play, but when I saw a match in the play, I suddenly felt that she was more handsome than Zhang Binbin, the host of the play, and she was a woman! Performer! Member! The actress was Xing en, who was also the actor of murofi. Mo ruofan appearance left a deep impression on Xiaobian, who was smart, kind, warm and generous in role orientation, and was especially good for Lin Yichen, the hostess. The point is that murofi has a sunny and handsome face, which has attracted the attention of many audiences.

Xiaoyutang, like many audiences, only knew that xing'en was a girl through the play "flowers don't give up". She is also a newcomer in the entertainment circle, because she has a face that is universal for men and women and is so beautiful. Some netizens have commented that: I thought I only like a handsome man, and only after seeing Xing en did I know that as long as he is handsome enough, he is male or female.

In the play, Xing en is dressed in men's clothes, and the role is the eldest son of the Mo family, one of the four families. According to the novel of the same name "little girl flower doesn't give up", murofi and Hua don't give up are actually brothers and sisters of the same father.

Xing en in life is mostly dressed in a neutral way, 173cm in height, with short hair of a boy. He also prefers men's clothes and looks very sunny and handsome. However, Xing en's dressing up as a girl is still very delicate, and she is also a proper beauty. Many male netizens, after seeing her girl's dressing up, say they want to pursue her.

Of course, as more and more audiences know that Xing en is a girl in "flowers don't give up", even many female audiences are fascinated by her, and people are also curious about her private life. In this way, although people prefer neutral dress, but the direction of love is normal.