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The correct use of perfume makes you faint.

Many women have the habit of perfume. Perfume can relax people's spirits and make girls more attractive. However, perfume is generally expensive, and it can be very wasteful if it is sprayed up in large quantities. Moreover, spraying a large amount of perfume with the wrong method will not only bring relaxed and pleasant feelings to the surrounding people, but also make the people around them feel sick. Today, this little editor will tell you about the proper use of perfume and make you smell hazy.


First of all, if you want to use the direct spray method, before you use perfume, you should keep perfume at a certain distance and spray it over the human body. This perfume will drop on your body like fog. Do not leave immediately, standing on the spot for four minutes or so, let the fragrance touch every part of your body, so perfume can make the fragrance distribute evenly, and it will not cause the smell of pungent smell to the surrounding people because of uneven distribution.

Perfume can also be used in a smearing way. The position of the painting is very particular. It usually spreads on the main pulse points, such as wrist, medial arm, neck and so on. The scent of such perfume will not be particularly strong, but it will be sporadic. Think of such a scene. When your lover holds you from behind, he can smell the faint fragrance from the back of your ear. What a romantic scene it is. When you give something to others, your wrist will also give off fragrance. It's really 'giving rose to others, leaving fragrance in your hand'.

In addition to directly spraying and smearing at the main pulse, some girls like to spray perfume on their clothes, so that they can emit the fragrance on the clothes to cover up the smell of the clothes themselves. They can put perfume on the collar and skirt. It should be noted that if the perfume is of high concentration, it is easy to damage the clothes, even if the perfume is low in concentration, do not paint too much, otherwise it will easily stain the clothes.