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Which day does the nine days in 2018 start? Is nine over now

When winter comes, I always listen to the old people. In winter, there are nine cold days. What does this mean? Which day does the nine days in 2018 start? Is nine over now? Let Xiaobian solve this puzzle for you.

When will the weather begin to count in 2019?

Answer: Winter Solstice

The winter solstice in 2018 is December 22, so the number of days starts on December 22.

Number nine, also known as nine nine nine, starts with the winter solstice solar term of that year. From the beginning of the winter solstice solar term to the union day, it is counted as one 'nine' every nine days, till the eighty-one day of nine nine nine. After the end of nine nine, it can be counted as nine, and it is the spring equinox at the time of nine. It has officially entered the spring climate.

What's the meaning of counting nine cold days?

It is the coldest time in China to count nine cold days. It is recorded in the book of Jingchu's years of age written by Liang Daizong: "the number of winter solstice days and ninety-nine eighty-one days are commonly used as the cold end. 'it is believed that the cold weather during this period, after being spread, has been used up to now as a miscellaneous solar term in addition to the 24 solar terms.