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People who like eating crabs, please pay attention to the tricks to teach you how to deal with crabs

Crab, as one of the Chinese delicacies, has a long history. There has been a tradition of eating crabs in China since ancient times. From the aspect of nutrition, we know that crabs are rich in trace elements and protein, and also contain a lot of vitamin A. In medical value, eating crab is also conducive to the recovery of tuberculosis. In terms of taste, crab meat is delicious, fat and tender, and it is delicious to fry and cook. Therefore, many people like eating crabs very much.

However, studies have shown that the infection rate and infection degree of Paragonimus - larva metacercaria of Scylla sinensis in living crabs are very high, and these Paragonimus, if they parasitize in the lungs, will stimulate and destroy the lung tissue, and then cause coughing or even hemoptysis. What's more, if they invade the brain, they will cause paralysis. But when crabs are heated, the risk of infection is reduced to 20%. Although crab is delicious, it can't be eaten by some special people, such as pregnant women, during pregnancy.

Lu Xun once said that the first person to eat crabs is brave. 'because not all people can eat crabs as delicacies. Crabs may be delicious for people who are not allergic to crabs. But for those who are allergic, it may be a killer. But not everyone knows their constitution very well, so it's best to keep some drugs at home, such as: commonly used antiallergic drugs, dermatitis ointment, vitamin C, etc.

So what to do after eating crab allergy? Some are the suggestions of Xiaobian: for example, if the general allergic symptoms are mild, there is no need for special treatment, after 1 or 2 days, it will self heal. However, if the allergic symptoms are obvious and the whole body itch is intolerable, the subjects can take common antiallergic drugs, at the same time, take vitamin C, and apply dermatitis flat ointment to the itchy parts of rubella, so the effect is better. In case of dyspnea, panic, cold hands and feet and other symptoms, please go to the hospital immediately and inform the doctor of the details.

Finally, I want to tell you that for crabs, which are both delicious and poisonous, you must know whether you are allergic before eating.