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What fruit does schoolgirl stay up late eat to skin good? Five kinds of fruit with good skin for gir

Now many people like to stay up late. Many girls like to stay up late to catch up with TV dramas. Of course, there are many jobs that need to work overtime, but we will find that after staying up late, their faces will become dim and gaunt. What to do after staying up late? It's best to eat fruits to supplement nutrition and moisture. These five kinds of fruits will make your skin shiny again.

1, apple

As the saying goes: 'eat apples every day, keep doctors away from me'. Apples are rich in pectin, which can promote excretion and prevent arteriosclerosis. Because stay up late person very easy appear endocrine maladjustment and constipation or fat, the skin changes bad etc. Therefore, a large number of vitamins and malic acid in apple can decompose the fat accumulated in the body, effectively prevent obesity, increase hemoglobin, and make the skin delicate.

2, carambola

It contains a variety of ingredients beneficial to human health, such as sugar, vitamin A, vitamin C, as well as various fiber and acid elements. Carambola rich in fruit acid can inhibit melanin precipitation, and has a moisturizing effect on improving dry or oily skin tissue has a significant effect. For women who stay up late, it's a good fruit for their skin.

3, oranges

Orange has almost become the synonym of vitamin C. vitamin C can prevent the skin from being damaged by sunlight and computer radiation, inhibit the formation of pigment particles, and make the skin white and moist. For staying up late friends, many of them are easy to constipate because they don't have enough rest. The special cellulose and pectin substances in oranges are also good for clearing intestines and defecating, removing harmful substances in the body, ensuring health and enhancing immunity.

4, lemon

It can be said that it is a model of fruit whitening. People who often stay up late are prone to grow spots and pimples. Citric acid can remove spots and prevent pigmentation. It is very effective for internal and external application. Foreign beauty experts call it beauty fruit. Eating lemon often can help digestion and absorption, leaving skin smooth and delicate.

5, grapes

Grape is known as the first of the four fruits in the world. It is rich in glucose and vitamins, which has a very obvious effect on protecting the liver. Grape has a very high nutritional value, rich in antioxidant ingredients, can delay aging, very suitable for people who stay up late to eat.