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How do laid-off employees pay their pensions in 2019? The new policy of pension payment for laid-off

pension is particularly important for each of us. Pension can provide a good guarantee for our elderly life and also provide us with a stable income. How can employees of laid-off enterprises pay pension in 2019? Understand the new policy of laid-off workers' pension payment.

Generally, the payment base of endowment insurance is determined according to the social average standard published by the statistical department. However, after the social security reform on January 1, 2019, all the social security payment collection departments have been changed to be collected by the tax department, which has resulted in the change of payment, but in general, the change is not very big.

We can continue to pay endowment insurance with our personal identity. We all know that personal insurance and enterprise insurance are totally different. There is a big difference between them. When you work in an enterprise, the enterprise will help you pay for social security. Our personal expenses are relatively small. After all, the enterprise will help us pay most of the expenses. But after we are laid off, all the expenses need to be paid by ourselves. For laid-off workers, they have lost a stable job and no stable income, and there are certain difficulties in life. And the cost of paying social security with personal identity is relatively high, which is different from the corporate insurance. , all the expenses of personal insurance need to be borne by oneself, no one can bear a small part for you.

It can be converted into residential insurance. In China, there are many welfare policies, and different policies for different groups of people, especially for urban and rural groups. Cities and towns mainly refer to the employees working in urban enterprises, while urban and rural areas refer to the people in rural areas. Because of the different population division, the payment methods and standards of the two are also different. The social security fee that urban workers need to pay is relatively high, and it is paid by the enterprise where they are. In this way, they can get more money after retirement, while urban and rural residents generally pay their own fees, and the lower the fees they pay, the less money they can get after retirement.

Another way is to give up the pension. In recent years, the cost of paying social security has been rising, and the purpose of rising is to let us get more pension. But in this way, it's not a small pressure for laid-off workers, because they lose their jobs and lose their sources of income, and it's a burden for them to pay such a high fee, so some people choose to give up paying social security. But this way is not desirable, after all, pension is particularly important to us.