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What time is it now? How about nine days? A list of nine charts and nine songs

When we were in primary school, our teacher would give us nine songs to count. If we didn't do it in 1922, we would walk on the ice in 3949 and the weather would be warm. But maybe because of the long time, many people have forgotten how to count nine days, when to start and when to end. For the convenience of you, I compiled nine songs and nine tables for your reference.

What is number nine

Number nine, also known as long winter, is a folk solar term in China. Count nine cold days, that is, from the winter solstice to the union day, count one 'nine' every nine days, until 'ninety-one' eighty-one days, and 'nine peach blossom blooming', the weather will be warm.

The 18 days after the winter solstice are the coldest period of the year, which can freeze pigs and dogs to death. Once the 18 days after the winter solstice are 36-54, willows along the river will sprout and the climate will warm up. And the 54-70 days after the winter solstice, people will take off their winter clothes; 70 days after the winter solstice, spring ploughing will be ready, and the weather will be completely warm.

Number nine songs

1929 no action. Walk on the ice. Look at the willows along the river. Seven nine rivers open, eight nine swallows come. Nine nine and one nine, plowing cattle everywhere.

What's the weather like now? Nine days starts from the winter solstice. Today is January 17. Refer to the schedule of nine days, that is, thirty-nine days

The ninth schedule of 2018-2019

19: December 22-30, 2018

29: December 31, 2018 - January 8, 2019

39: January 9-17, 2019

49: January 18-26, 2019

May 9: January 27, 2019 - February 4, 2019

69: February 5-13, 2019

79: February 14-22, 2019

89: February 23-march 3, 2019

Jiu: March 4, 2019 to March 12, 2019