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Safety inspection of Spring Festival transport aircraft in 2019

Spring Festival is coming. It's not easy to go home for a long time in a year. Many people are like bringing some special products to their families. But many things are not allowed to be carried by public transport. Especially for airplanes, there are many items that are not allowed to be carried, so it is necessary to understand the relevant regulations before taking the plane. The following editor will tell you about the regulations on the safety inspection of airplanes during the 2019 Spring Festival and the contraband of flying in the Spring Festival.

Regulations on aircraft security inspection during the Spring Festival 2019

1、 Passengers on domestic flights are not allowed to carry liquid articles with them, but they can be consigned, and their packaging shall comply with the relevant provisions of civil aviation transportation.

2、 Passengers shall carry a small amount of cosmetics for their own use. Each kind of cosmetics shall be limited to one piece. The volume of the container shall not exceed 100ml, and it shall be placed in an independent bag for bottle opening inspection.

3、 For passengers from overseas who need to transfer to domestic flights at airports in China, the duty-free liquid articles they bring into China shall be placed in a transparent plastic bag with intact and sealed body, and the shopping voucher shall be presented, which can only be carried after safety inspection and confirmation.

4、 Passengers with babies can apply to the airline when buying tickets, and the airline will provide free liquid dairy products on board; diabetics or other patients will take necessary liquid medicine, which will be kept by the flight crew after safety inspection and confirmation.

5、 For passengers on international and regional flights, the liquid articles carried by them shall still comply with the relevant provisions of the announcement on restrictions on carrying liquid articles on civil aviation aircraft issued by the General Administration of civil aviation of China on March 17, 2007.

6、 The passenger shall be responsible for the consequences such as missed flight caused by the violation of the above regulations.

Contraband of flying in Spring Festival

1. Guns, military or police equipment (including main parts);

2. Explosives;

3. Control tools;

4. Inflammable and explosive materials;

5. Poisons, corrosive substances, radioactive substances and other substances endangering flight safety, such as strong magnetized substances that may interfere with the normal operation of various instruments on the aircraft, substances with strong irritating smell, etc;

During the Spring Festival, many tourists will bring some liquid goods, especially many skin care products, cosmetics and so on. These must pay attention to the relevant regulations in advance, generally more than how many milliliters will be required to be consigned.