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Do you have to be injected if you are scratched by a cat? What's the rate of rabies in cats

Pets can bring us different warmth. In a cold world, animals are better than people. So now young people would like to have a pet to accompany each other, but sometimes the animal is not measured, it will scratch and bite the owner, many people don't pay much attention to the harm and ignore it. So after being scratched by a cat, will you get rabies? Do you need to get an injection? Let's see with Xiaobian.

Can you get rabies if you are scratched by a cat

Most mammals can be infected with rabies virus. Generally speaking, if the biting cat scratches people when it is not in the period of rabies, the scratched people will not be infected with rabies. If the cat has some zoonoses, it is possible to transmit the disease to people through the wound, such as rabies, cat scratch fever, Pasteurellosis, tetanus and other systemic diseases and grapes Local infections such as cocci and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. If a cat bites during rabies 3-5 days before death, it may have rabies. Especially the stray cat, it carries a lot of germs, once scratched the probability of rabies is very high.

Do you have to be injected if you are scratched by a cat

It is the most important guarantee to protect oneself from the disease that we should accept the standard treatment as soon as possible. For rabies vaccine, follow the principle of the earlier the better. The best time for the first injection is 48 hours after being bitten. More than 48 hours can also be vaccinated rabies vaccine, effective immunization should be rabies virus into the nervous tissue before, otherwise vaccine antibody is powerless. The incubation period of rabies is generally within three months, and 95% of the patients are within one year.

What to do after being scratched by a cat

1. Wound cleaning

Wash the wound thoroughly with soap water or flowing water for at least 15 minutes, and then clean the wound with normal saline.

2. Wound disinfection

It's not enough just to clean, but also need to have a clean cotton ball to dip the water on the wound dry, and then use alcohol or Iodophor for disinfection.

3. Rabies vaccination

After simple treatment, you must go to the hospital in time for diagnosis and treatment, and follow the doctor's advice for vaccination.

4. Prevention of tetanus

If the bite wound is deep, we need to go to the hospital for professional treatment to prevent tetanus.