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The most effective and fast whitening method after tanning

Hot summer sun is very strong, as long as the sun protection measures are not done well, it may be tanned. In fact, tanning is not the most terrible thing. The most terrible thing is the short sleeve print on the arm, the watch print, the vest print on the back, and the sandal print on the foot. These marks are not only ugly, but also embarrassing. Today's news editor will talk about the most effective way to whiten quickly after tanning.


First of all, we need to know that after being exposed to strong sunlight, our skin is not blackened, but begins to turn red. This is because the skin is relatively fragile, and it is damaged after being exposed to strong sunlight. Turning red is the early warning of peeling. We should apply fresh aloe vera or aloe vera gel to the sunburned area, which is the basis of whitening skin.

After the necessary post sun repair, we can start to whiten our skin. You can put fresh yogurt in the freezer and freeze it tightly. After taking a bath with warm water, wipe the water on your body, use the frozen ice block of yogurt to smear your whole body, and your face can also be used. The body temperature of the human body is relatively high, which can melt the ice and absorb the nutrition. Generally speaking, it only takes six minutes to smear it once, and a cup of yogurt can be used twice. If you insist on using it for half a month, you can see the obvious effect.

If you think frozen yogurt is too troublesome, you can choose to go to the sweat and steam shop. Sweat and steam is a very healthy activity. It has the effect of detoxification and cold removal, and its whitening effect is also very significant. At the same time, sweat steaming can make your skin more elastic. If you want to whiten your skin, you'd better sweat steaming every day. You can see the obvious effect for a week. In addition to steaming, there is also a money saving whitening method, that is, running and sweating can also have whitening effect.