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Why does the Internet speed slow down at home? Maybe there is a problem with the router

Now every home should have a wireless router, but many people fail to achieve the expected effect after installing the router, and 100m broadband is even slow. Obviously, this has something to do with the placement of routers. There are two things that could be the culprit for the slow speed of the network.

The first one is made of iron. Even simple decorations have a very obvious effect on router signals. Just as the signal of mobile phone will be weakened after people enter the elevator, iron products will have a strong block to the signal. When people put routers at home, they often put them together with some decorations. More people put routers in drawers in order to put them in order. These are obviously not good for the signal transmission of routers. Even the 100m broadband will slow down in the actual use after connection, or even become a turtle speed.

The second thing is other home appliances. We know that when the home appliances are running, they will generate electromagnetic waves. WiFi signal itself is also an electromagnetic wave, so they will interfere with each other when they are working at the same time. Just as people ask to turn off mobile phones when flying, WiFi signals and mobile phone signals interfere with home appliances, the most obvious of which is TV.

Therefore, people also need to pay special attention to the location problem when placing routers at home. Many people like to put routers in the corner. Although this is beautiful, it will affect the signal more or less, so in daily life, routers should be placed in a relatively empty place. Of course, we can also use some tips to further improve the transmission performance of the router, so that the network speed of 100m broadband becomes faster.

The most commonly used method for many people is to prevent the router from being absorbed by the wall by cutting an open can to avoid excessive divergence of signals. This is also a clever use of the influence of metal blocking signal transmission. When people add this thing on the side of the router against the wall, the router signal transmission in the room is more centralized, and the network speed when people use it is naturally faster. But the most fundamental way is the router itself. In order to get a better Internet experience, it is necessary to choose a good router.

In a word, the most important thing to avoid the slow down of network speed in our daily life is the placement of routers. Do not place routers next to metal utensils and other stores, or 100m broadband will become turtle speed.