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What regulations will farmers pay for endowment insurance in 2019? New changes of rural endowment in

With the approaching of the aging of our country, the pension problem is gradually put on the agenda, especially the problem of farmers' pension. So what are the regulations for the payment of farmers' pension insurance in 2019? New changes of rural endowment insurance in 2019.

1. The payment amount of rural endowment insurance has been adjusted.

The former rural endowment insurance is divided into 12 files, from 100 yuan to 2000 yuan per year. Farmers can choose the payment grade suitable for themselves according to their family income. The amount of payment is different, and the amount received after retirement is also different. In 2019, it will be adjusted to a minimum of 500 yuan per year, with a maximum of 3500 yuan. The overpaid farmers can get more after retirement.

2. The one-time payment method has been cancelled.

In the past, in order to encourage farmers to participate in the new rural insurance, it was stipulated that farmers who were nearly 60 years old could pay enough for 15 years at a time, and they could get a monthly pension when they were 60 years old. The new regulation cancelled the one-time payment method, so if they want to participate in the new rural insurance, their friends should start to pay before the age of 45.

3. The method of paying endowment insurance by means of loan has been added.

Some farmers are willing to participate in the new rural insurance, but there is no extra money on hand. In order to help these farmers participate in the new rural insurance, it is stipulated that they can pay pension with low interest loans, and repay the loan with pension after retirement, which can effectively reduce the payment burden of farmers.

4. New land lost endowment insurance.

Due to the needs of the country's large-scale construction projects in rural areas, farmers' land has been expropriated, and farmers who have lost their land have no economic source, especially the elderly can't work to earn money. Considering this, the state reflects the subsidies to farmers into the pension, and farmers can receive a land lost pension after they are 60 years old.

A series of national adjustments to the rural old-age policy are all measures for the sake of the people, so the farmers need not worry about the old-age.