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What is Drynaria? Function and contraindications of Drynaria

Drynaria is an epiphytic fern in Drynariaceae, with plant height up to 40 cm. What is Drynaria? The function and contraindications of Rhizoma Drynariae.

function and effect of Drynaria

1. The treatment of kidney deficiency waist and foot pain is more than bone fragments.

Rhizoma Rhizoma has the function of treating kidney deficiency and waist and feet pain. It can be made up of 50 grams of Rhizoma massii, 75 grams of cinnamon, 15 grams of Achyranthes bidentata, 100 grams of areca, 150 grams of fried psoralen, five herbs, and the mixture of honey and honey is added to 100 grams of benzoin, made into pills of Wutong seed.

2. It is very painful to treat tinnitus and deafness caused by kidney deficiency with floating teeth.

Drynaria has the function of treating tinnitus, deafness and tooth floating caused by kidney deficiency. It can be ground into fine powder with six kinds of traditional Chinese medicines: 200g Drynaria, 100g huaishudi, 100g Cornus officinalis, 100g Poria cocos, 100g wine fried peony skin and 40g salt water fried Alisma. 25g white soup is taken before eating each time.

3. Treatment of alopecia areata with bone fragments.

Drynaria has the effect of curing alopecia areata. 25g fresh Drynaria and five cantharides can be used to soak in 150g Shaojiu for 12 days. After filtration, the affected area can be wiped with medicinal wine two to three times a day.

4. Drynaria is used to treat lumbago due to kidney deficiency and flash contusion. The pain is more obvious when the weather turns cold.

Drynaria has the effect of treating kidney deficiency and lumbago. You can use 50g of Drynaria and 15g of Ramulus Cinnamomi to decoct together and then take the juice instead of tea.

Side effects, contraindications and precautions of Rhizoma Drynariae

In the use of Drynaria, Drynaria can be used alone, or with eucommia, Cornus, aconite, Guixin, Achyranthes bidentata, Guizhi and other traditional Chinese medicine. People with deficiency and no blood stasis should take Drynaria with caution; Drynaria should not be used with Drynaria; people with deficiency of blood and dryness of wind should not use Drynaria; people with deficiency of blood and fire should not use Drynaria.