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What are the consequences of credit investigation? Can I take a train or a plane on the credit card

As you know, the blacklist of banks will affect loans and purchase of houses. What are the consequences of going on the credit blacklist? Will the bank blacklist affect the children? For those who don't pay back their debts, don't affect their reputation because they don't pay back their debts for a while.

What is a bank blacklist?

Generally speaking, the bank blacklist or bad record refers to the bank's bad evaluation of personal credit, which directly affects the personal loan to the bank and other businesses. For the repayment status of personal loans in the last 24 months, it will also be listed in the credit report.

In case of overdue due to personal non punctual repayment, the credit report will show the range of overdue days, '1' means overdue for 1-30 days, '2' means overdue for 31-60 days, and so on. When credit managers call personal credit reports, they can easily judge how personal credit status is and how many negative records there are.

What's the impact of blacklisting?

According to several provisions of the Supreme People's Court on the publication of the information on the list of dishonest persons to be enforced, the following actions can be taken against dishonest persons to be enforced:

1. Unable to apply for loan: if an individual has a bad credit record and is serious, he can no longer apply for loan in any bank in China;

2. No credit card;

3. limit the use of transport means: unable to choose aircraft, train soft sleeper, steamboat two and above, and those with bad credit will not be able to purchase tourist and holiday products through Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, Shenzhou renting and other platforms, nor can they book air tickets.

4. Limit high consumption in hotels, hotels, nightclubs, golf courses and other places above the star level;

5. Limit the payment of high premium to purchase insurance financial products;

6. Restrict the leasing of high-grade office buildings, hotels, apartments and other places for office;

7. Restrict the purchase of vehicles not necessary for operation;

8. Limit online shopping for luxury goods;

9. Restrict children's access to high fee private schools;

10. If the person subjected to dishonesty is a natural person, he shall not act as the legal representative, director, supervisor, senior manager, etc. of the enterprise.

What behaviors will make you blacklisted?

1. The credit card is overdue three times in a row and six times in total; 2. The monthly housing loan is overdue or not repaid for two to three months in total;

3. Overdue or non repayment of the monthly car loan for 2 to 3 months;

4. If the loan interest rate is increased, the monthly payment shall be made according to the original amount, resulting in overdue interest;

5. The water, electricity and gas fees are not paid on time;

6. Cash out behavior of personal credit card;

7. The student loan is in arrears;

8. If the 'sleep credit card' is not activated, there will still be an annual fee. If it is not paid, there will be a negative credit record;

9. Credit card overdraft consumption and mortgage loan are not repaid on time;

10. The third party fails to repay the loan on time when providing guarantee for the third party;

11. The mobile phone number is out of service, and relevant formalities are not handled. Overdue due to the monthly rental fee is due, which may also cause bad records;

12. Credit card arrearage record is generated by others using ID card or ID card copy.

Will blacklists affect children?

Blacklist only affects me and my spouse, but not others.

However, children, especially minor children, need to be raised by their parents. Therefore, if their parents are blacklisted, they will have more or less indirect impact on their children. For example: restrict children to attend high-cost private schools; do not fly, which means that they cannot take their children to further places or travel abroad; do not buy some insurance products for their children, etc.

From the consequences listed above, it seems that blacklisting has a great impact on children. Especially in the field of education, whose parents don't want their children to have a good educational environment? Reading private schools (reading ten thousand books) and traveling far away (traveling ten thousand miles) are all good ways to educate their children. Because of his bad credit, Chamorro has affected the healthy growth of the next generation.

Moreover, when the previous generation is blacklisted, people around them not only doubt their character, but also label the next generation with distrust. What's wrong with the next generation? Putting so much burden on them?

What about blacklisting?

In the regulations on the administration of credit investigation, there is a stipulation that the exhibition period of bad credit records is five years. That is, the bank shall not use the credit information five years ago.

So even if you are blacklisted, don't worry. Take a few years to be patient with your credit.

In addition, according to the relevant regulations, non bad overdue behaviors will be retained for five years in the credit system of the people's Bank of China, and especially malicious arrears such as bankruptcy will be retained for ten years. If it is judged to be a bad behavior, and there is relevant evidence that the bank has repeatedly failed to pay back, or maliciously defrauded, etc., the bank may delay it for ten years or even forever.

That way, even if you want to borrow from a credit company, it will be even more difficult!