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What's the new year's Eve dinner for 2019? Just make a recipe on New Year's Eve

It's just a few days before the Spring Festival in 2019. On the eve of new year's Eve, the family reunion is to have dinner. If you haven't come back several times in a year, do you want to show your hand? It doesn't matter if you can't cook. I've prepared the recipe for new year's Eve for you, just follow it.

Stir fried bacon with garlic

Materials: Bacon, garlic, a little pepper

1. Cut the slant section of the garlic seedling and slice the bacon.

2. Heat the wok and pour the oil into it until it's 50% hot. Stir in the bacon and stir slightly. Don't stir it all the time. Fry until the meat is golden

3. Add in garlic and stir fry.

4. The salty flavor of bacon just fused into the garlic sprouts.

5. Add garlic (green leaves) and pepper to stir fry quickly before starting the pot.

6. Stir fry the garlic sprouts until they are cooked.

Braised pork ribs with preserved bean curd and bitter melon

Materials used

One balsam pear root, 500g spareribs, two pieces of sufu, 10 pieces of rock sugar, 2G salt, 5ml raw soy sauce, 1 piece of star anise, several pieces of prickly ash, 1 piece of ginger slices, a little cooking wine, a proper amount of oil


Chop chops, blanch, cool for later use. Put the oil in the pot, fry the sugar under the ice sugar, turn down the fire when the pot is smoking, put the drained spareribs in the pot and stir until the color is on, pour in the boiling water before the spareribs, and then add the star anise, pepper, ginger slices, cooking wine, etc. in turn, heat up the pot, cover the pot and burn for half an hour with a small fire

When cooking spareribs, remove the pulp of bitter melon, burn it into 3 cm long and wide pieces, marinate the bitter melon with a little salt, and prepare the bean curd

After the ribs are cooked, pour in the balsam pear and fermented bean curd, stir fry over high heat, and collect the juice

Pay attention to stir fry with a spatula when collecting juice, so as not to affect the taste of the pot, try balsam pear, if you feel bitter, you can properly mix some sugar to taste, like to eat spicy, and choose pepper matching.

Mutton and radish soup


Mutton, ginger slices, dates, medlar, radish, salt, cooking wine


The mutton is soaked in clear water. Change the water several times until there is blood in the wood. This will help to remove the smell of mutton.

The lamb is cut into small pieces, the mutton and ginger slices are served in the pot, and the dirty foam is turned off.

Clean the mutton, add the jujube and ginger into the electric cooker and choose the stew mode. If the gas stove is used, boil the mutton for about 1.5 hours.

When stewing, prepare the white radish, peel the white radish, cut into small pieces, stew the mutton, add the white radish, and then choose the stew mode.

Stewed mutton soup, add wolfberry and salt to boil for a while, then it's OK. Sprinkle a handful of green onion when drinking the soup.