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What films will be shown in 2019 Spring Festival? Spring Festival movie list summary

Nowadays, the Spring Festival is becoming more and more boring, so many people will go to the cinema to have fun. What films will be shown during the Spring Festival this year? New year's Day is coming soon. Every year's new year's Eve is a time when many movies are competing for release. Generally speaking, many people like to go to the cinema to watch movies for leisure and entertainment on New Year's day. What are the films released on New Year's Day 2019?

Director: Lu Jianqing, starring: Wei junzi, film type: fantasy, adventure, comedy, release date: New Year's day. The film tells us that Li, the decadent sweeper who was the genius of cultivating immortals, got a secret mission to become an immortal again. He found seven pieces of firewood to go on the road together, but when they finished the mission, they made Tianting fall into a greater crisis. They had to go on the journey again to recover their mistakes.

Director: Yan Jia, starring: Jackie Chan, Ruan Jingtian, film type: love, fantasy, comedy, release date: New Year's day. The film tells the story of Pu Songling (Cheng Long), a literary hero, who is the incarnation of the detective of yin and Yang judgment, and Yan Fei (Lin Bohong), the constable, who is jointly tracking the disappearance of the girl in Jinhua town. Pu Songling led a group of demons such as "pig, lion and tiger", "fart", "forget worries" and "Thousand Hands" to go deep into the case. In the process of finding the truth, he involved a strange love.

Director: Song Xiaofei, Dong Xu, starring: Xiao Yang, Wu Xiubo, Bai Baihe, film type: love, comedy, release date: the first day of the lunar new year. 2. The film tells a humorous story about the return of the lover to engage in affairs again: Fang Yuan (Xiao Yang) and Tian Xin (Bai Baihe) have been in love for many years and are facing the test of where to go in love. He is unwilling to be caught without hesitation. He finds the lover Xiao Yao (Wu Xiubo Act) help the intention to return to freedom, but in practice, the plan of love Saint runs all the way, which makes people laugh and cry. All kinds of gods help pig teammates to fall from the sky and make trouble. The development of things speeds up in an unexpected direction.

"Crazy alien" director: Ning Hao, starring: Huang Bo, Shen Teng, film type: black comedy, science fiction, release date: New Year's day. The film tells the story of the zoo keeper Geng Hao living a quiet and monotonous life. One night, Geng Hao mistakenly rescued a creature and took it home. Of course, he found that aliens were afraid and eager to send them away & hellip; & hellip;

"Flying life" director: Han Han, starring: Shen Teng, film type: action, comedy, release date: New Year's day. The film tells of Zhang Chi, who once dominated the racing industry but now can only manage fried rice stalls, who decides to return to the car world and challenge the young generation's genius at the end of his career. He wants to gather his former partners to summon the dragon and reappear the glorious years. However, he is hit hard by the reality and is in a hundred situations. How many unexpected dilemmas are waiting for the passing driver on the way back from driving test?

"Fox spy" director: sun Shupei, Cheng Zhonghao, starring: Huang Shengyi, Zeng Zhiwei, film type: action, release date: New Year's day. The film is adapted from Wang Jianxing's popular novel of the same name. The original work won the Golden Shield literature award. It's about the daughter of the chairman of a Chinese company in a foreign country who was kidnapped and demanded a huge ransom. Xiao Jian, the company's security captain and veteran, helped Mo Tai, the police officer of the country, go through difficulties and dangers, eliminate terrorists and save his compatriots in order to make up for his fault of dereliction of duty and safeguard the dignity of the people.