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What are the best disaster movies in South Korea? A collection of Korean classic disaster films

What are the best disaster movies to watch in South Korea? In addition to love movies and horror movies, there are also many classic Korean disaster movies. The Korean disaster movie tsunami, Busan trip and iron wire bug invasion are all good-looking. Here are the top ten disaster movies recommended in South Korea.

Busan trip

When it comes to Korean disaster movies, I have to mention Busan trip, a movie that makes people despair after watching. When a large number of zombies run up, they feel fear across the screen, from the beginning to the end. Kong Yu, the hero of the play, was also selected as one of the top ten South Korean male stars by virtue of Busan trip. It's really a good movie to recommend. There are many touching parts in the movie. Kong Yu also said he was scared by himself.

The invasion of the wire worm

The wireworms in the movie are real in real life, but the movie does exaggerate, but when the infected people rush to the water source, they are disgusted. Afraid of thirst, they dare not drink water, for fear that worms will be drilled in the body. They have to admit that the disaster films in Korea are really very popular. The educational significance is too profound, and the final pollution is still their own.

Live horror

No ghosts, no monsters, but the plot is so intense that I can't bear to let go of any scene. He Zhengyu, who is super handsome and super man, is the hero of the hero. In fact, the whole film is not a disaster type, but more inclined to plot crime. It's really shocking that South Korea can make such a movie. The film review system in South Korea is really broad. I hope that when can we see similar themes in China can be released.

Deadly flu

I think it's a film with a similar theme to the invasion of the iron wire worm, but it also has a new idea. Flu is the most common disease in life, but when flu is deadly, you know how happy it is to be alive. There is a thought-provoking question in the film, whether the interests of a few people are important or not, and whether it is meaningful to do anything to protect them. Clapping for Korean movies again, really good at shooting!


Everyone knows the importance of fire prevention, but if the fire doesn't burn on himself, no one will feel pain. Do you really pay attention to the hidden danger of fire in your life? Do you really do a good job in fire prevention? After watching skyscraper, I really want to buy all the fire prevention products immediately, prepare the fire escape bag, and check whether all the places where the fire sources may occur are really safe, Fire, which brings countless conveniences to life, may also destroy everything in an instant.

Monster of the Han River

The film score of 7.3 points is really a high score and conscience, and it is also the 06 year South Korean box office champion. Fengjunhao's success lies in the fact that the theme of a biochemical disaster is expressed artistically and socially, which is thought-provoking. Korean people can know that the inefficient and incompetent government is often unable to be trusted, and relying on personal efforts to face the more absurd society, can only be a kind of helplessness and despair. It's like a line in it: life is like shit, sometimes it's just a fart after a long time.


It's another movie starred by he Zhengyu. He is not only a man of high beauty, but also a good actor. He is really charming. At the end of the film, Pei Douna signed the agreement to give up the rescue. At that moment, the sense of hopelessness and helplessness came to her heart. The feeling of being stuck in her throat made her tears whirl in her eyes. The first half is wonderful, and the second half is not sentimental. From the distribution of water, drinking urine, eating dog food, to the following accidents, people's choice, they all feel that they are real, cruel and even cruel reality.


The tsunami disaster seems a little distant to us, but the helplessness of human beings in the face of natural disasters is the same. At any time in a country, the power of nature cannot be underestimated. The safety of people's lives and property is of paramount importance. I appreciate and admire Dr. Kim's professional judgment and constant requests for the people's lives. I hate the director general who ignored the disaster and didn't listen to Dr. Kim's advice.


I feel that Korean disaster movies have always been committed to black ZF, and Pandora is no exception. At the last moment of life and death, Jin Nanji made a final farewell to his family through live broadcast, which made my eyes filled with tears. In addition to sensationalism, the despair, fear and unwillingness of the male mainstream are more in line with the color that an ordinary human nature should have. Netizens concluded: upper Alliance: brain damage brother nuclear power plant predicted disaster, the next Alliance: bitter forced little brother to abandon his girlfriend tragic and save the country. Horizontal: ah Xi

Freezing rain

The name of "ice rain" is really weak. It may be more sensible to change it into "ice storm". The theme of climbing snow is also interesting. The combination of Li Chengzai, Jin Huna and song Chengxian is classic. The film is made with great feeling, light relief, and finally tragedy, but strong. The snow scenery in the Alps is very beautiful. It's rare to make a movie with a large snow scene when climbing like this. And it's really beautiful. Spectacular. Unlike mountain hard films, it is a great sensation, which is gentle and touching.