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What are the precautions for Spring Festival transportation home? How to deal with these emergencies

The curtain of the Spring Festival in 2019 opens. The Spring Festival transport is eager to return home, and the station is full of noise. If you don't pay attention to it, you will be in trouble. What are the precautions for returning home? What should you do in case of these emergencies?

Mobile phone loss

1. Call the operator immediately to report the loss and freeze the SIM card

China Mobile: 10086

China Unicom: 10010

China Telecom: 10000

Reminder: go to the operator to reissue the mobile card in time.

2, freezing Alipay

Call 95188 to release the Alipay binding.

Alipay frozen account operation: through other channels, login Alipay account → security center → emergency service → fast reporting loss.

3. Call the bank and freeze the online banking

ICBC: 95588

Agricultural Bank of China: 95599

Bank of China: 95566

China Construction Bank: 95533

Bank of Communications: 95559

China Merchants Bank: 95555

4. Freeze wechat

Log in to Tencent security center to freeze the account. Open wechat & rarr; my & rarr; settings & rarr; account and security & rarr; wechat Security Center & rarr; freeze account through other channels

Loss of ID card

Go to the station railway public security card making exit to apply for temporary identity certificate, and bring a one inch photo (partial need).

When handling, one of the following conditions shall be met:

1. Issue the household registration certificate of the local public security organ.

2. The student passenger shall issue a letter of proof of his school.

3. The serviceman shall hold the certificate issued by his unit.

4. The foreign passengers shall hold the certificate issued by the local embassy and consulate.

5. Passengers who purchase tickets with other valid certificates shall hold the certificate issued by the issuing department.

Contents of the letter:

Passenger's name, gender, date of birth, native place, valid ID number and official seal of certification unit.

Note: the period of validity of the temporary identity certificate is one day, which is limited to the day of purchase and use by bus.

Lost train ticket

Lost before driving

1. Before the stop of ticket selling at the ticket issuing station, go to the designated window of the ticket office to report the loss and make up the formalities. The original of valid ID card, name of station where the ticket is purchased (where the ticket is taken), date of taking the train, train number and information of departure and arrival station shall be provided.

2. Confirm that the information is correct, and purchase a new ticket according to the original ticket number, seat and ticket price. The face information of the new ticket is the same as that of the original ticket, and the words "report loss and make up" shall be added.

3. After getting on the train, the staff shall take the initiative to make a statement to the train staff. After verification, the staff shall issue a passenger transport record, which shall be used as a voucher for ticket refund together with the "report loss and supplement ticket".

4. Please return the ticket within 24 hours after arriving at the station.

Lost after ride

1. Please take the initiative to declare to the train staff.

2. After inspection, the conductor will report the loss to the passenger and make up the formalities. Only the handling fee will be charged, and the "lost ticket" will be marked on the ticket. The passenger transport record shall be issued after the check seat is used normally before arriving at the station.

3. After arriving at the station, please take the initiative to declare to the staff at the exit of the station and cooperate with the staff for inspection.

4. The ticket, passenger transport record and the original valid ID card used in ticket purchase shall be used to go through the outbound check-in procedures, and the handling fee shall not be refunded.

Miss the train

Ticket changes:

1. Other trains on that day have more than one ticket, which can be changed after departure.

2. The handling time is extended from 'within 2 hours after driving' to before 24 o'clock of the day.

3. Tickets with 'change arrival' have been processed and cannot be changed.

4. The ticket can only be changed at the ticket issuing station, and the ticket changed after driving cannot be refunded.

5. 20% refund fee will be charged for the ticket with the date of change during the Spring Festival.

To refund a ticket:

1. Those who purchase tickets at the ticket window shall go to the ticket window of the station for refund.

2. When returning a ticket with a 'line' stamp, please change your luggage first.

3. In case of special circumstances, it can be handled within 2 hours after departure with the consent of the station master at the place where the ticket is purchased or at the face of the ticket.

4. The order number (E + 9 digits) shall be provided when the ID card cannot be read or the valid ID card other than the ID card is used for ticket purchase.

Wrong train

In case of MIS selling, buying tickets, taking the train or passing the station, please inform the station and train staff in time.

1. On the train, after confirmation, the conductor shall issue passenger transport record to deliver the passenger to the front parking station, and the station shall handle transfer or free return for the passenger.

2. Therefore, if the passenger fails to arrive at the arrival station within the original validity period of the ticket, the validity period of the ticket shall be recalculated according to the mileage between the turn back station and the proper arrival station.

3. Please do not drop off during free return. Otherwise, the ticket price and handling fee will be charged for the back and forth driving section.

Lost items

1. In case of loss of articles in railway station or train, passengers shall timely report to the staff and ask for help.

2. Large stations are equipped with lost and found office, passengers can go to ask for claim.

3. The official microblog of some stations will release the lost and found information, and the passengers will continue to pay attention to it.

Reminder: the railway department is not responsible for the food storage of perishable products and food.

Guide to train security

In the car, no matter in the daytime or at night, especially at night, remember not to take turns sleeping and watching bags with people you don't know. Otherwise, criminals will steal the luggage you put on the luggage rack.

When the train stops, there are often more than three, that is, there are more passengers getting on and off, more people looking for seats, and more people looking for luggage overhead. At this time, we should pay special attention to prevent criminals from fishing in troubled waters and take good care of their luggage. Don't wear gold and silver jewelry, it's easy to be the object of plunder.

When taking out money for shopping and rice in the car, especially when people are crowded, it's not advisable to expose a large amount of money, or it's easy to be stolen.

When you leave your seat to go to the toilet, eat, meet friends, or queue up to open the water, or get off the car to buy something to eat when you park your car, you must not be careless. You must keep your luggage from being stolen. Do not take the drinks handed by others casually, especially the ones that have been opened.

When taking up the seat with the bag, or when asking people to hand over the bag at the window, due to the time difference between people and the bag, at this time, there are many people and many things, and they are busy. Pay special attention to the bag being taken away or transferred.