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2019 driver's license reform failed to test driver's license

In 2019, the great reform of driver's license made most people happy. Now everyone's life is also rich, generally using cars to travel, private cars are also growing. If you want to drive on the road, you have to take a driving license test. This year, the Ministry of transport has notified the driver license reform. Do you want to know what has been changed? Let's have a look.

The first one is about the renewal of certificates in different places. Actually, for the owners of the renewal of certificates in different places, they also know that it will take a long time to get the certificates. They also need to submit all kinds of materials. After various complicated examination processes, they can handle this procedure well. However, after the reform of the new policy, the renewal materials will be released with four exemptions People also save a lot of time.

The second one is about the handling of driver's license business, which is not only about the reform of license renewal in other places, but also about the corresponding changes in the handling of driver's license business, such as applying for a driver's license, replacing the license, verifying the driver's license, etc., which also saves a lot of materials, as long as you take your own personal license, you can go to handle it, so it will be more convenient, and also in the same province Students from different cities can also apply for driving school directly after they sign up. They don't need to open the residence certificate at all.

The third age limit of driving license. For many old people now, they also like to drive and enjoy life. In the past, the age limit of driving license for the old people over 60 years old was that they could no longer apply for driving license. After the reform of driving license, as long as the people between 18 and 70 years old can apply for driving school, 70 years old can apply for driving school For the one-year-old, they only need to have a physical examination every year, and then continue to apply to be eligible to drive.

The fourth is about the driver's license supplement system. In fact, car owners can offset their driver's license violation scores by reporting illegal vehicle points reduction learning and other ways. Now, in cities such as Guangdong, Zhejiang and other cities, they have launched the business of point elimination learning, which is expected to be launched in more cities this year. In this way, they can avoid the occurrence of untranslatable transactions such as sales scores In fact, the current driving license policy is also more and more broad treatment, and it will become more and more difficult for those driving licenses. So for those who haven't yet obtained a driving license, you must seize the time to get a driving license. I wonder if you have any different views on the reform of the driving license policy?