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What are the precautions for purchasing tickets for Spring Festival? Be careful of these six kinds o

The Spring Festival of 2019 is just around the corner, and the Spring Festival holiday is coming soon. Many people are ready to go home at any time. Many passengers are snapping up tickets by phone or Internet, while some lawbreakers are also planning all kinds of ticket buying scams to defraud passengers of their money. Shenzhen anti telecom network fraud center summed up the recent cases to remind the majority of passengers to be cautious about the following six kinds of scams when buying tickets and not to be cheated.

Beware of these six kinds of scams when buying tickets for Spring Festival

One is that fake websites call you to buy 'special tickets'. The lawless person makes a false website for buying tickets, claiming that the selling price is discounted or 100% of the tickets are available. After being cheated, the person who wants to buy the tickets asks the person who buys the tickets to complete important personal information such as bank card account number and password, and then swindles the money.

Second, the price of "yellow cattle" will be increased to help you buy them. The outlaw pretends to be a "scalper" and claims that he has tickets. He only needs to add one or two hundred yuan to the original price to buy them on his behalf. But in fact, these "scalpers" use the existing train tickets to modify the information on the tickets by using the map repair software "to fake the truth".

Third, the "courier" delivers tickets to the door. By means of successful ticket purchase and "courier" door-to-door delivery, the ticket buyer is supposed to meet at a certain place to give the ticket, and at the same time, the relatives and friends of the ticket buyer are required to wait at the bank gate and receive a phone call to remit the money. Then, through "call arbitrary display software" to fake the mobile phone number of the ticket buyer to call their relatives and friends for remittance, using the time difference between the ticket buyer and their relatives and friends who have not yet contacted to defraud the remittance.

Fourth, bank card password fraud. Pretending to be 'customer service' requires the ticket buyer to pay to the designated account for various reasons, or taking advantage of the unfamiliar characteristics of online payment of the ticket buyer, swindling the buyer into entering the bank card account number and password, stealing these information and then stealing the deposit in the card, so as to achieve the purpose of fraud.

5. Fraud of ticket margin. Pretending to be 'customer service' requires paying a certain amount of deposit or deposit before issuing the ticket, and then using the urgent psychology of the ticket buyer who is eager to get the ticket to induce additional deposit or deposit for various reasons.

Six is the ticket remittance fraud. Pretending to be 'customer service' and refusing to use the third-party safe payment provided by the regular website for various reasons, or pretending to be the internal staff of the railway station, etc. to cheat them to directly remit money to their personal accounts.