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How much is Huang Xiaoming's real height in the sun

Over the years, Huang Xiaoming's height has been confusing. No matter how clear he is, everyone feels that he has padded a higher insole. And for Huang Xiaoming's real height is also to catch up with, in fact, Xiaobian think, people are actors, rely on beauty and acting skills to make money, with height has nothing to do with.

On the night of Weibo a few days ago, Huang Xiaoming was caught 'stone hammer' by netizens because his instep was obviously higher than that of others. He was ridiculed for his height.

At noon on the 15th, Huang Xiaoming tweeted in response. He was born with a high instep, but his left instep was particularly high because of 'tissue hyperplasia after an accident'. He also attached barefoot photos to testify.

In the photo, Huang Xiaoming's left instep is significantly higher than his right.

In the comments, fans explained that Huang Xiaoming fell from the two-story building of Weiya when he was filming, and hit six steel nails after the crushing fracture of the toe bone. The photos are very shocking.

Although Huang Xiaoming's Micro blog text revealed lively and joking, and also asked the same high instep users where to buy suitable shoes without squeezing their feet, they all expressed their heartache after knowing the truth, and also felt sad about Huang Xiaoming's criticism.