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Price list of iPhone 8 / iPhone X configuration

Price list of iPhone 8 / iPhone X configuration Recently, apple officially released three iPhone 8 / 8plus and iPhone x products at the new product launch, among which the 10th anniversary edition of iPhone x is the most popular one, which also broke the highest price record in the history of apple. Let's take a look at their price configuration and launch date!

Strictly speaking, the iPhone 8 / 8 plus is the former iPhone 7S / 7S plus. It may have changed its name due to the consideration of sales volume and sales appearance.


The iPhone 8 / 8 plus and iPhone 7 / 7 plus are basically the same, with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens (resolution unchanged), and the home button on the front.

However, there are many adjustments in details. First of all, double glass is used, but Apple emphasizes that the glass material is very solid after seven layers of color treatment and reinforced by steel and copper.

Secondly, the color of gold has been re toned to make it feel more gentle. At the same time, the bright black and rose gold have been cut off, and the deep grey has returned.

In terms of circumference and weight, the iPhone 8 is 138.4x67.3x7.3mm, weighing 148g; the iPhone 8 plus is 158.4x78.1x7.5mm, weighing 202g, which is thick, long, wide and heavy.


The iPhone 8 / 8 plus is equipped with a11 bionic chip, which claims that the CPU core has increased by 70% and the GPU has increased by 30%. It's not hard to speculate that it will hang the Xiaolong 835 / exynos 8895.

With M11 coprocessor and new neural network engine, Bluetooth is upgraded to 5.0, and NFC supports card reader mode.


The iPhone 8 is a single 12 megapixel and the iPhone 8 plus is a double 12 megapixel, but Apple emphasizes the use of larger and faster sensitive components, and video capture supports 4K 60fps. The flash incorporates' slow sync 'technology, while the front-end is exactly the same 7 megapixel.

Battery and endurance

The battery capacity of the iPhone 8 / 8 plus is the same as that of the previous generation, and the battery life is the same. Of course, this generation explicitly supports fast charging and wireless charging technology of Qi standard.

Price and time of sale:

IPhone 8 64GB: 5888 yuan 256gb: 7188 yuan

IPhone 8 plus 64GB: 6688 yuan 256gb: 7988 yuan

The pre purchase will start at 3:01 p.m. on September 15, and will go on sale on September 22.