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Where is the entrance of yu'ebao experience gold activity? How to make money quickly for yu'ebao exp

January 11, 2019 -2 4, Alipay balance treasure experience activities and money again! Friends circle, many friends are playing the game of balance treasure experience gold, then, where is the entrance of the balance treasure experience gold? Where can I find the balance treasure experience gold activity? How can the balance treasure body check money make money? Let's play the game!

Where is the entrance of yu'ebao experience gold activity?

The way to use it is to search for the "balance treasure experience gold" after entering Alipay, and click on it after entering.

1, Alipay search to search the balance treasure experience gold;

2. Enter the [yu'ebao experience gold] portal to view and use your own experience gold.

3. Click to enter [annual surplus], you can get experience gold by playing games. The faster the hand speed is, the larger the amount is.

4. You can also click 100 to play experience gold in [yu'ebao], and then enter the interface.

5. After receiving it, you must remember to use the experience gold at the entrance of [yu'ebao experience gold]. (all experience gold can be accumulated) it must be used.

Alipay balance treasure experience gold how to make money

The invitee is limited to one experience gold. For each successful friend invited, the invitee will get 1 experience gold. Experience gold can be accumulated according to the number of successful friends invited,

You can get up to 1000 experience gold everyday and up to 100000 experience gold accumulatively. Make money according to the interest rate of yu'ebao! The higher the experience gold is, the more the income is! The main way to make money is to invite friends!

Notice to virtual experience Gold: virtual experience gold is not real capital, and cannot be withdrawn or transferred to others. The income reward corresponding to the virtual income generated during the virtual principal experience period can be consumed or withdrawn.

Remarks: Alipay app must be the latest version.