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How to use yu'ebao experience gold red bag? Rules for using yu'ebao experience gold red packet

What is the balance of treasure experience? Where did Alipay see it? In January 11, 2019, Alipay came to spend money. If you could only get your experience gold if you swept it, then where did the balance treasure experience the golden bonus? How to use it? Today Xiaobian comes to do science for you.

At the highest level, you can get one million yuan of yu'ebao experience gold. Let's figure it out. If you put ten thousand yuan in one day, it's seventy yuan. Everyone has the chance to draw it and enjoy three days' income. Although the experience gold you get will be collected when it's due, the income in it is yours. The time of the activity is from January 11 this year The wee hours from February 4th will be over. So, where is yu'ebao experience gold? How to use the red envelope of yu'ebao experience gold?

Yu'ebao experience gold activity time: January 11-february 4, 2019

What is experience gold?

Experience gold is the virtual amount of yu'ebao, which is only used for experience income. All the rewards it generates are for you to consume or withdraw.

How to use experience gold?

Experience requires activation to take effect. After choosing to experience, the reward will be automatically distributed every day during the experience period!

What's the use of experience gold?

Experience gold income is to simulate the daily income of yu'ebao, which is automatically distributed every day, and can be directly deducted and used in payment, transfer and consumption.

Where is yu'ebao experience gold activity?

The way to use it is to search for the "balance treasure experience gold" after entering Alipay, and click on it after entering.

1, Alipay search to search the balance treasure experience gold;

2. Enter the [yu'ebao experience gold] portal to view and use your own experience gold.

3. Click to enter [annual surplus], you can get experience gold by playing games. The faster the hand speed is, the larger the amount is.

4. You can also click 100 to play experience gold in [yu'ebao], and then enter the interface.

5. After receiving it, you must remember to use the experience gold at the entrance of [yu'ebao experience gold]. (all experience gold can be accumulated) it must be used.

What are the rules of yu'ebao experience gold activity?

1. Yu'ebao virtual experience gold enables users to fully understand the simulated experience products of yu'ebao service by means of simulated experience. Users simulate the process of using fund accounts to purchase fund shares and view fund returns. The virtual experience fund is not the real fund, and the virtual income is calculated based on the daily 10000 income of the corresponding fund of the real yu'ebao. The revenue reward corresponding to the virtual revenue will be distributed according to the user's choice when using the experience fund.

2. How to get yu'ebao virtual experience Gold: users can get virtual experience gold by participating in various activities or completing activity tasks.

3. Service life of experience Gold: after the user obtains the experience gold, it must be used within the service life, and the experience gold that has not been used after expiration will be automatically voided.

4. Use of experience Gold: users need to keep the balance payment status open when using experience gold. Each experience gold needs to be manually clicked by the user. When the user clicks to use it, he / she must choose the distribution method of income reward. The user can choose to distribute the income reward to the balance or purchase the income reward as the share of yu'ebao. When you choose to purchase yu'ebao's share, you will automatically transfer each experience gold reward to yu'ebao after confirmation. If the user has not used the service of yu'ebao, the fund account shall be opened first and the risk assessment shall be confirmed when the revenue reward is applied for yu'ebao's share.