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What are the benefits of nasal feeding? The purpose and precautions of nasal feeding

What are the benefits of nasal feeding? Speaking of nasogastric feeding, nasogastric feeding is the method of nasogastric feeding, which is to send the gastric tube to the patient's stomach through the nasal cavity, and to pump food into the patient's stomach through the gastric tube, usually used for comatose or unable to eat by themselves. ​ &; &; &; &; &; &.


For the patients who can't eat by mouth, they can supply nutrient rich fluid through the nasal catheter to the stomach to ensure the intake of protein and calories.

Key points for attention:

1. Before each nasal feeding, it is necessary to confirm that the gastric tube is in the stomach before injection, which can be confirmed by one of the following methods.

(1) Connect the syringe and aspirate. Gastric juice is aspirated.

(2) Put the end of the stomach tube into a bowl filled with water, no gas escapes.

(3) Place the stethoscope in the stomach and inject 10ml of air from the stomach tube with a syringe to hear the sound.

2. The tablets need to be crushed and dissolved before injection.

3. The amount of each nasal feeding shall not exceed 250ml, and the interval time shall not be less than 2H. The temperature shall be controlled at 38 ℃ - 40 ℃.

4. For long-term nasogastric feeders, oral care should be done every day, the gastric tube should be replaced once a week, pulled out at night and inserted by another nostril in the morning.