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Can skipping lose weight? In addition to rope skipping, what other sports are suitable for skinny le

Now many people, especially for office workers, only have time to exercise and lose weight in the evening. Rope skipping is a very good choice at this time, and the effect of rope skipping on thin legs is also very good.

Skipping 30-40 minutes can consume 300 kcal of heat, while a bowl of white rice, about 250 kcal of heat. For every kilogram of fat you need to burn about 7700 kcal. According to statistics, people who use rope skipping to lose weight can lose 5-10 Jin or more in two weeks. Generally speaking, the minimum time to lose weight by skipping rope is no less than 30 minutes, because the purpose of fat consumption cannot be achieved by less than 30 minutes, and the maximum time is no more than 2 hours, because over training for more than two hours will make the body extremely tired. Rope skipping shall not be less than 4 times but not more than 6 times a week. Each time, continuous exercise for 40 minutes is enough.

Skipping rope at night is not only for slimming, but also for the whole body weight loss. However, not everyone is suitable for this way of weight loss. Skipping rope is a very effective weight loss exercise with good fat burning effect. Mastering the right method will not damage the body. But he cautions that there are three categories of people who are not suitable for skipping. First, the older people, skipping is a more flexible sport, especially pay attention to the coordination of the body, the older people in the process of skipping is difficult to grasp its flexibility, easy to damage the knee; second, the overweight people, overweight, their own weight is a kind of pressure on the body, skipping will make this kind of people feel uncomfortable, very difficult to carry out; Third, people with knee and lumbar pain are not recommended to jump rope.

A little massage for skinny legs at night

Before going to bed, you can have a leg massage on the bed, which is not only good for relaxing muscles, but also can help lose weight and fat. Massage your hands alternately along the inside and outside, from the ankle to the root of the thigh, and repeat this action for 30 times on the left and right legs. Squeeze the thigh fat with both hands like a towel, and repeat this action for 30 times on the left and right legs. Clap the thigh fat with both hands alternately and forcefully. Repeat this action for 30 times on the left and right legs respectively until the thigh feels sore.


Practicing yoga before going to bed is not only helpful for sleep, but also for slimming legs. Yoga takes a long time to practice to see the effect. Therefore, yoga can not only eliminate body fat, but also shape long lines and perfect posture through stretching. Single leg standing extension is the best fit for slimming. It can not only stretch the legs, but also enhance the strength of the legs, and exercise the sense of balance of the body.

Foot massage

Paojiao can promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the legs. It is carried out together with massage. The effect of leg reduction is amazing. Before you go to bed, when you soak your feet in hot water, massage your feet gently from the bottom to the top, then massage your calves up and down, which can accelerate the metabolism of your legs, eliminate the accumulated poisons and excess water in your body. In this way, massage every day for about 10 minutes. Pay attention not to break the feet, because feet are good for women. They can promote blood circulation and improve sleep quality. In the process of feet soaking, some simple massage methods can achieve the effect of leg beauty.