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2019, Alipay set five good strategies to play this year.

2019 what time will the Alipay set up the five blessing hours? Today, the official has announced the time of Alipay's collection of five good luck, so is this year's play the same as last year?

Alipay set five Fu, including Fu Qiang Fu, harmonious blessing, You Shanfu, patriotic blessing, dedication five FU card. I believe many people are playing the game of gathering five blessings during the Spring Festival.

In 2019, the official of the five FU activities of Alipay has not yet promulgated the specific rules of play. This year's rules of activity should be no different from that of last year. What's different is that the number of bonus should be divided this year.

1, enter Alipay Ji Fu activity page, click "sweep".

2. Find any "Fu" word around you, which can be found on the Internet. As long as it's a clear "Fu" word head, scan it;

3. The result of scanning below depends on your own luck.

May Alipay be able to sweep your needs!

This year's five blessings game is similar to last year's, and the same five blessings will be rewarded.