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What are the advantages of wearing gold coins for women? The taboo of wearing golden dog

It's well known that wearing Chen has many advantages. It can ward off evil spirits and turn evil spirits or attract money. But wearing Chen also needs to pay attention to ways and methods. Wearing Chen also has many stresses and taboos. What's the stress of wearing gold Chen for women? In the left or right hand?

[professional answer]

1、 How about a gold bracelet for a lady? A left hand or a right hand?

No matter which kind of Chen the lady brings, Chen Chen has to go through the light before it has spirituality. Protect the wearer. If it is not the light that Chen wears on his upper body, it can only be used as an ornament, and it has no spirituality. When wearing the bracelet, the lady should choose the authentic Buddhist temple to open the light for blessing. Besides, we also need to know the taboos and precautions for wearing the bracelet of a lady, so as to give full play to her spirituality. According to the principle of "left in and right out", the bracelet is equipped with left hand, which has the effect of Attracting Wealth and prosperity. (Obsidian material is a special material except) it can be worn by both hands. This is to eliminate negative energy and prevent pathogenic Qi from entering the body. Then the lady should wear the gold bracelet on her left hand.

2、 Which is the best way for a woman to bring a dog

For women, we recommend you to bring red agate. Agate is a member of the crystal family. It is colorful and complete, No matter the agate of any color has a powerful effect. Different colors have different effects. Some of its energy is heavy and some of its softness is needed by the human body. It can help the human body to achieve balance and stability in every round position. Agate is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It has the effect of repelling evil spirits and blocking evil spirits. It is often worn as a talisman or an object of repelling evil spirits. It symbolizes friendly love and also represents hope. Red agate with pure color can improve women's endocrine system, harmonize qi and blood, so as to achieve the effect of beauty and beauty. It is the first choice for women who love beauty.

3、 Taboo and stress on women's Gold Bracelet

1. When women wear the pendant, they can place it in clothes or clothes. There is no effect on the spiritual performance of Chen. If you wear it outside your clothes, you should pay attention not to let others touch it. If you wear it in your clothes, if you sweat a lot, you need to clean it with clean water or wipe it with a clean towel.

2. One of the most important taboos for women is that they should be removed in case of sex or bathing. Avoid contaminating some filthy and unclean things with open light, so as to avoid damaging the spiritual development of Chen.

3. It's forbidden for women to wear the strong light. Generally speaking, the light in daily life is irrelevant. For example, computers and water machines are irrelevant. The natural light in our daily life doesn't matter. The strong light refers to the flash, welding light and bright light when taking photos. If you encounter strong light, you can wear it in your clothes.

4. Can't touch the blood, the blood will pollute the spirit of money. Compared with the blood of ordinary poultry, it can be stained with blood, and can only be touched after the hands are cleaned. But it doesn't matter if women wear them during their holidays.