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How much is Haidilao hot pot per capita? How about the sea bottom fishing service

In the catering industry, there are many brands of hotpot stores, such as Haidilao, huangjihuang, Xiaofeiyang, etc., all of which are well-known brands in China. I believe many people are impressed by the sea bottom fishing, but the price is also very expensive. How much is the per capita cost of sea bottom fishing?

How much is Haidilao hot pot

Since the establishment of Haidilao brand, it has made rapid development. At present, many stores have been set up in the country, and the business is also very hot. Every day, there are many people waiting for meals. There are ten kinds of bottoms for Haidilao, such as mandarin duck pot, avocado pot, tomato pot, etc., to meet everyone's taste preference. The price is determined according to the urban area, and there will be certain differences in each city. There are more than 20 kinds of sauces for Haidilao, including chili sauce, sesame paste, garlic paste, etc. you can choose your own according to your preference. Haidilao will also send some seasonal fruits free of charge, which are relatively fresh. It will also provide some small rice porridge, tremella soup and so on. The specific price of a meal in Haidilao is uncertain. The per capita consumption of each city is different. In some cities with better economic development, people's consumption level is also relatively high. A meal in Haidilao needs 100 yuan per capita. In some cities with relatively low consumption capacity, the per capita consumption is not certain. Haidilao will make some preferential activities during the festival to give back the support of customers, which is a good hot pot shop.

How about the service of Haidilao

Service is one of the factors that affect the business in the store. Haidilao is very passionate in service management. The waiter has greater management right and exemption right. If the customer requests to return and deliver the dishes, the waiter can decide on his own. Since then, the waiter enjoys his own right to better serve the customers. Haidilao is also relatively perfect in terms of safety services. It will prepare some scalding medicines for customers. Of course, this one rarely happens, just in case it is ready. The waiter will not only deliver food, pour water and collect dishes for customers, but also buy some things for customers, and try to provide thoughtful service for customers.