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How much is one mu compensation for rural land acquisition? 2019 rural land acquisition standard

In recent years, land acquisition is very common in rural areas, and land, as the wealth of farmers, has now reached 2019. When land acquisition is carried out in rural areas, it will be carried out according to the latest compensation standards. In addition to land compensation fees, there are resettlement fees, etc. how much is the specific compensation per mu? How is the compensation standard determined? Let's get to know next.

How much can one mu of rural land be supplemented in 2019?

The common types of rural land are dry land, paddy field, forest land, vegetable field, house, road, barren mountain and wasteland, and the compensation amount varies with different types, as follows:

1. The dry land is divided into farmland and farmland, and the compensation standard is 53000 yuan per mu.

2. Paddy field is divided into farmland paddy field and farmland paddy field, of which farmland paddy field is compensated by 90000 yuan per mu and farmland paddy field is compensated by 99000 yuan per mu.

3、 The compensation for one mu of forest land and agricultural land is 138 thousand yuan.

4. Collect rural collective construction land, including industrial and mining construction land, villagers' houses, roads, etc., and compensate 136000 yuan per mu.

5. To expropriate the unused land in rural areas, including idle land, barren mountains, wasteland, wasteland, wasteland and waste ditches, with a compensation of 21000 yuan per mu.

Note: the above compensation is only for the effect of developed regions. The specific compensation standard shall be subject to the relevant compensation documents of your region. For example, in the latest compensation notice of Hunan Province, the first area of Changsha City is 99000 yuan / mu (the first area is the center of the city), the second area is 84000 yuan / mu (the second area is a little far away from the center of the city), and the third area is 78000 yuan / mu. However, in Shaoyang City, the compensation for the first region is 71500 yuan / mu, and for the second region is 62400 yuan / mu, so the compensation standards for each region are different.

How is the compensation standard for rural land acquisition calculated in 2019?

The compensation standards for rural land acquisition are mainly divided into land compensation fees, resettlement subsidies, vegetable land subsidies, attachments and young crops subsidies. The specific compensation calculation standards are as follows:

1. Land compensation fee. Calculated according to 6-10 times of the average annual output value of the first three years of cultivated land. That is to say, if the output value of the first three years is 2000 yuan in the first year, 3000 yuan in the second year and 3500 yuan in the third year, you need to divide the sum by three, which is 28333 yuan. If you make six times compensation, you can get 17000 yuan for one mu of land.

2. The resettlement subsidy is calculated according to the agricultural population. The calculation formula is the number of cultivated land to be expropriated divided by the average number of cultivated land occupied by each person of the unit to be expropriated before land acquisition. The subsidy for each agricultural population is 4-6 times of the average annual output value of the three years before land acquisition. That is to say, if the average output value of your family in three years is 3000 yuan, it will be 12000 yuan if it is 4 times of that, which is subject to the actual situation.

3. The calculation method and compensation standard of subsidies for attachments and young crops shall be stipulated by the province, autonomous region and municipality directly under the central government where you are located. For example, if there are water wells, toilets, pigsty, etc. attached to them, they shall pay relocation fee or compensation fee according to relevant standards. The subsidy for young crops, such as newly sown crops, shall compensate for the cost of production by one third of the quarterly output value, and for those in the growing period, shall compensate for the output value in the first quarter. There is no compensation for the time gain. The perennial economic trees shall be transplanted as much as possible, and the land acquisition unit shall pay the transplantation fee. No compensation shall be made for the felling of animals that cannot be transplanted and for the felling of animals by themselves.

2019 rural land acquisition standard process

The following nine procedures should be strictly followed in rural land acquisition and collective land conversion into state-owned land:

Notification of land acquisition -- confirmation of land acquisition investigation -- organization of land acquisition hearing -- organization of approval materials -- approval review -- payment of relevant taxes -- two announcements and one registration -- compensation and resettlement hearing -- compensation and resettlement

What problems should farmers pay attention to in 2019 rural land expropriation?

In the face of land acquisition, farmers should pay attention to the following points when signing contracts, and be careful not to give less compensation or fall into the trap.

1. Do not sign blank terms. The land acquisition work is often difficult to do. Generally, village cadres will go door-to-door to mobilize and publicize, and many oral promises will be given. The purpose is to let farmers sign the agreement. At this time, everyone must carefully read every word in the agreement, and never be fooled.

2. Please fill in the consultation form carefully. As the subject of the expropriated land, farmers have the right to apply for hearing on the compensation standard and resettlement way of the expropriated land. This is a process that must be performed in the process of land acquisition and relocation. Farmers should carefully fill in and sign for confirmation.

3. The land acquisition agreement shall be carefully reviewed. In the agreement, there will be a clear description of all the terms involved in the process of land acquisition, including the compensation standard for the acquisition, the resettlement policy for farmers, etc. if the farmers can't understand it, they can ask the relevant legal personnel to help solve it. Don't listen to other people's words and sign it.

4. The agreement should be kept at the bottom. The land acquisition compensation agreement is the result of negotiation between both parties. Each party needs to hold this agreement. In practice, the land acquisition place will take away the agreement signed by the land acquisition household and signed by hand on the ground that the agreement needs to be approved. In order to protect their rights and interests, everyone should remember to ask for the land acquisition agreement on time and keep the bottom for themselves.

The above is about the introduction of 2019 rural land acquisition. As the latest 2019 land acquisition compensation notice in some regions has not been published, the compensation standards and calculation methods introduced above are summarized according to the compensation notice in some regions, which does not represent the unified standards of all provinces. You should pay attention to this point, do not focus on the specific land acquisition compensation or the local government As announced by the government.