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Where does the Internet word board come from? Why is it so hot

Recently, there is a very popular word, even in the microblog, the word is "pan". But still have a lot of netizens a face muddleheaded force, don't know this dish from why to become popular. In Weibo, the word "pan" is used incisively and vividly, but do you know the origin and source of the word "pan"?

Where does the Internet term board come from

It comes from the crosstalk show "Wenwan", "dry and dry, numb and Lailai". It's not round at all. It originally refers to the string of Wenwan hands, which can be rubbed and pinched to make its color change more valuable. Now it is mostly expressed in the love for someone, things and things, just want to hold it in the palm of your hand and knead it repeatedly.

"Pan" used to be the exclusive term in the cultural relics circle. Many people have the hobbies of Pan Buddha beads and pan walnuts. After the long-term friction of human hands, the surface of these articles will be more and more smooth, and the color will gradually change from light to dark, and the whole looks crystal clear. After decades of serving walnuts or Buddha beads, there will be a very obvious jade. This kind of old object is of great ornamental value and collection value, so playing on the plate is very important for cultural relics.

Later, because of the prank of "no matter what it is, dish him", dish gave more meaning. No matter whether it is something that can be rubbed in hand or not, it can be summed up as "everything can be rubbed".

What does it mean to change a word in the name of a song into a dish

Recently, the topic of "changing a word in the name of a song into a disk" on Weibo has aroused discussion. Netizens have left their own adapted sentences and have a look together.

Change a word in the name of the song to a disk

Recently, the topic of "changing a certain word in the name of a song into a disc" on Weibo has aroused discussion. Netizens have left messages about their adapted sentences, such as "people like me", floating across the ocean to disc you. It seems that where I disc you, I need to disc you, even if I die, I disc you for 10000 years, I disc you, not for whom I disc songs, not because Lonesome only dish you, those years we dish together girl, dish your 365 days, the dish experience of love.

In this way, it's really too magical. Everyone thinks it's serious and funny. The songs that were originally serious or affectionate become totally different after being changed into a character. It sounds like a special sand sculpture. Recently, the word "pan" is very popular. You can often see the figure of "pan" in the funny videos shot by netizens, which also brings us a lot of fun.

Love you when you cross the sea

Blue and white porcelain can be changed to blue and white plate

Red rose can be changed to plate rose

"Today you want to marry me" can be changed to "today you want to offer me"

"Best bad friend" can be changed to "best pan friend"

"Love when you die" can be changed to "dish when you die"

People like me can be changed to people like me

Mercury can be changed to water plate

"The name of the father" can be changed to "the name of the plate"

Simple love can be changed to simple plate

"Love from generation to generation" can be changed to "life from generation to generation"

Shengxia guangnian can be changed to shengxia CD

"The best year" can be changed to "the best set"

"Appreciation of refined arts and common customs" can be changed to "sharing of refined arts and common customs"

Tomorrow song can be changed to tomorrow plate

"Yi Nan Ping" can be changed to "Yi Nan pan"

Where did he come from

Tiktok tiktok tiktok teach him a lesson! "In the video of the recent popular pop of" tram "is a video from the voice of the user called'95 grandma. She releases a video on the jitter. In video, she picks up two shrivelled passion fruit in her hands and says," don't bother what he is, he is ", so it sparks the imitation of netizens.

Everything can be dish

So netizens on the Internet have published videos of their own dishes of various items, such as three chocolates wrapped in gold foil in their hands, but the paper is gone in their hands, and then the chocolates turn into a stick. There are also people in the hands of the crystal ball. Plate lipstick, then full of lipstick. The netizens who are not afraid of pain hold two cacti in their hands.