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What's the route and price of the Spring Festival 2019 to Antarctica? Antarctic tourism strategy

What do you think about Antarctica? Is Antarctica still a very mysterious and cold place for you? Do you want to travel to Antarctica during the Spring Festival? The southern hemisphere happens to be in summer during the Spring Festival, and it's the right season to travel to Antarctica. Here's a brief introduction to the routes and prices related to loving Antarctic tourism. Let's see if we're interested.

Spring Festival 2019 Antarctic tourism route 1: Antarctic Peninsula or Antarctic Circle

Days: 7-14

Cost: $5200 - $24995

Route highlights: the most popular route to Antarctica. Close contact with penguins, cruise in submarines, chase humpback whales and experience polar ice swimming; send greetings from the southernmost tip of the world to family and friends at the scientific research station, drink a whiskey mixed with tens of millions of years of black ice, and shuttle in the paradise like lemery seaway.

Penguin list: Adelie penguin, chinstrap penguin, Gentoo penguin, makroni Penguin

Challenge: the cruise ship from Ushuaia must cross the Drake Strait. If it sails for 3-4 days, it may get seasick. Once it passes the Drake Strait, the body discomfort will not appear again. Choosing air sea combined transportation can avoid seasickness.

Suitable for people: first time tourists to Antarctica; photography enthusiasts; Penguin seals and other polar animal enthusiasts.

Spring Festival 2019 Antarctic tourism route 2: three Antarctic Islands

Days: 14-20 days

Cost: $10000 - $25000

Highlights of the route: in South Georgia, there are a large number of amazing wildlife, which is the gathering place for king penguins and sea dogs; you can land in gulidviken to remember Shackleton's tomb; you can visit the folksy Falkland Islands.

Penguin list: Adelie penguin, chinstrap penguin, Papua penguin, makroni penguin, king penguin, jumping rock penguin, Magellan penguin.

Challenges: it takes a little more time at sea. In addition to the Drake Strait, the Antarctic Peninsula will encounter bigger and stronger waves during its 2-day voyage to the South Georgia Islands. The discomfort of seasickness is higher than that of the Antarctic Peninsula. The journey will be longer and the price will be more expensive.

Suitable for people: healthy travelers who are not afraid of seasickness, photography enthusiasts, and travelers who want to explore the sub Antarctic.

Antarctic tourism strategy

Dressing rules for Spring Festival Antarctic tourism: layers up

Upper body: thermal underwear + sweater / light down jacket + wind proof and waterproof fleece stormcoat; if the cold index is 10, you can wear a light down jacket outside the sweater, and then a wind proof jacket.

Lower body: warm pants + Plush Leggings + waterproof belt Pants / plush pants.

Top layering principle:

Then from the technical level, according to the layering concept layer system, according to the clothing function, the Antarctic clothing is divided into three layers: base layer, mid layer and outer layer.

The inner layer is close to the body, which is mainly used to keep warm, absorb sweat and sweat, and keep the skin comfortable and dry. The fast drying clothes made of man-made fiber are superior to the general thermal underwear. Therefore, it is not recommended to be cautious about clothes, nor to recommend cotton products with poor air permeability.

The middle layer is the barrier of insulation, which needs to absorb sweat and ventilate. The more layers, the more warmth. There are many choices for the middle layer, such as fleece, light and warm cashmere, down vest and down jacket.

The outer layer is windproof, waterproof and breathable. In Antarctica, the outer layer is a wind proof and waterproof fleece stormcoat as standard. P. S: different ship companies have different policies. Advanced or luxury cruise ships will present professional submachine clothes; ordinary exploration ships or ships rent submachine clothes free of charge, or paid rentals that need to be reserved (received by Ushuaia), or completely by the guests themselves. P.S.: about the polar jacket of the ship, there is also a size specification. Compared with European and American large size, we need to strictly compare the following size chart when choosing, or suggest filling in a smaller size will be more suitable.

Spring Festival Antarctic tourism


Inner layer Pants: the pants with wind resistance and certain water resistance are preferred, which can be worn out, and can be directly put into outer layer pants before landing, convenient!

Outer Pants: waterproof and warm pants. It's suggested that they should be larger than usual. It's convenient to plug them in. The outer layer should not be too heavy (to avoid the inconvenience of movement caused by overstaffed) or too tight. The landing charging boots need to be covered in the pants. Every time you land, you can wear a pair of warm pants + a pair of waterproof pants with thin plush.

Shoes and socks

Since the waterproof boots are prepared by the ship, there is no need to buy them separately. There are no slippers on board. You need to bring your own sandals. On the way, the casual shoes, sports shoes, leather shoes or short boots in spring and summer are OK and free~

High barrel wool socks, autumn socks can be prepared in several pairs; exclusive little tricks private collection: felt insole, warm insulation.

Scarf (BIB) and magic square scarf

Cover your face to avoid solar radiation or heavy snowy weather, and protect your neck and face from cold wind. Choose warm, airtight material, not recommended to carry silk texture, wool knitting scarf.

Sunglasses and UV ski glasses

In Antarctica, the reflection of sunlight from the ice and water will produce a lot of glare. Good quality sunglasses or ski goggles protect the eyes from the sun, water and ice and snow. Wearing sunglasses or UV ski glasses can reduce the damage to eyes. It is recommended to wear sunglasses, which will be more convenient. Negative teaching material: Zhao Youting didn't wear sunglasses when he made a film in Antarctica. As a result, he suffered from snow blindness for a short time.


If you are going to have a decision island ice swim or try polar plunge on an Antarctic ship, you should prepare a set of swimsuits or swimsuits. It is recommended that beautiful women who want to have a concave shape take a colorful bikini.

Sunscreen cream

The ozone hole in Antarctica results in extremely strong ultraviolet rays, so sunscreen becomes a necessary work. It is necessary to prepare sunscreen with enough SPF. Even if it's cloudy, you can't be lazy. You need to arm your lips and nose. Recommended products: Shiseido ANESSA 50 + sunscreen, Australian magnum papaya cream, South African aloe vera gel (calm skin, repair after sun exposure).

Spring Festival Antarctic tourism

Spring Festival Antarctic tourism price reference:

The price of Antarctica is quite miscellaneous. The price of Antarctica is lower than 50000 yuan, and the price of Antarctica is higher than 50000 yuan.

You can only say that the price of the Antarctic Tour is really one cent and one cent of the goods. If you choose to fly directly to the south pole (that is, fly directly to the South Pole and then take a boat), the price will be much more expensive.

And if you want to go to the south pole, Congratulations, there are no hundreds of thousands that can't go.

Antarctica travel can be said to be the most expensive journey. Without calculating the air tickets, the cruise fee for 7-10 days is about 30000 yuan / person. In addition to the air tickets to South America, accommodation in Argentina and other expenses, the minimum budget is about 60000 yuan / person.

Price reference of different lines of tips (unit: USD)

Antarctic Peninsula Tour: 4500 (ships), 7000 (aircraft);

South Georgia: 9000;

Ross Sea Area: 28000

Currency: cash or credit card can be used for consumption on board, and USD is usually used for stores at Antarctic station. If you want to stay in Argentina, you need to use the Argentine currency peso.

Tip: if you stay or visit in Ushuaia or other areas of South America, you should pay attention to the habit of tipping in South America. Generally, the restaurant is 5% - 15% of the meal fee, and the fast food restaurant does not need to tip; the hotel waiter and Bellman also need to tip accordingly.