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Tiktok: who is the voice of the egg?

Tiktok tiktok tiktok, who is a little sister in the shaking voice, though ordinary but not so sweet, and often chorus with a boy who still has a soft voice. Although it's not beautiful, it's amazing to say it. It's definitely the voice kissed by an angel.

Tiktok: who are the children?

Recently, there is a very small sister who calls her a little girl to tiktok herself.

Yadun has sung many theme songs of the popular TV series, in addition to "no dye", there are also the last song of "Yanxi strategy" in the recent fire, "the sound of snow falling", as well as "red sun", "boy" don't cry and so on.

The voice of the red voice is a little sister. Not only is it a beautiful little girl, but also very fresh and tall, and has a tiktok taste.

So, as a girl of literature and art, tiktok can learn to shake herself off as a red girl.

Are you tiktok and the worm?

Yes, the two have proved to be dating.

It can be seen from the video taken by Yadun and Shen chongchong that they are very ambiguous, so this arouses everyone's curiosity. I didn't expect that the two had been in a formal relationship.

Details of Ma qihan's personal data:

Real name: Ma qihan (should be this)

Tiktok: 134136756

Tiktok nickname: the egg is changing to be yourself.

Weibo: Yadun changes her mood to be herself

Location: Haidian District, Beijing

Graduated from Shenyang Conservatory of music

Company: Xiaoxu music

Netease cloud anchor station: Yadun changes her mood to be herself

Couple: Shen chongchong

It's not easy for Mao to sing. Weibo netizens use the word "creepy", even though Mao's "no dye" is bleak and beautiful.

But the little sister's rendition of "don't dye" is very fresh and joyful, without any feeling of heart abuse. You seem to feel the sweetness of Xufeng and Jinmi when they are looking for hair candy.

It can be seen that the strength of little sister is also very strong.