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Which houses will be demolished in rural areas in 2019? Besides illegal construction, there are two

Many people have their own old houses built in their hometown in the countryside. Because the country has been carrying out the policy of rejuvenating the countryside in recent years, some friends are more concerned about whether their old houses will be demolished. What kinds of houses will be demolished in the countryside? It is suggested that you should consult the local village committee first, and be prepared as long as you are instructed. In recent years, the country has been engaged in rural revitalization, aiming at renovating the idle and collapsed houses and the construction of rural infrastructure.

1、 Old houses will be demolished

The old houses that have not been occupied for a long time actually refer to the kind that the owner of the houses may have bought houses in the city and will never come back to live in. This type of houses are relatively simple and will soon collapse. The government will demolish this type of house and give some compensation. The specific compensation standard is subject to the actual policies. At present, there are many houses of this type in rural areas, some of which are caused by the phenomenon of one family with many houses, but most of them are because farmers' friends live in cities.

2、 Old houses within the scope of demolition will be demolished

As we all know, the country is carrying out unified planning and construction or rural infrastructure construction in many rural areas. As long as your house is classified as demolition area by the government, it will be demolished. But please let it go. There is demolition compensation in this case.

3、 Illegal old houses will be demolished

There used to be many old houses that were not built in accordance with the regulations, such as five or six story villas. In fact, many township government regulations only allowed three floors. Another is illegal occupation of arable land to build houses. These will be removed, and some will be fined.

Generally speaking, most of the demolition of rural houses are compensated, because the country is for the construction and development of rural infrastructure, but houses built in violation of regulations will not be compensated, and may be fined, which please pay attention to.