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What are the benefits of Poria and ginger? The effect and edible method of Poria cocos and ginger

Poria cocos, commonly known as Yunling, Songling and Fuling, is a fungus plant parasitic on the roots of pine trees. Its shape is like sweet potato, with dark brown outer skin and white or pink inner skin. Poria cocos can be used as an important dietotherapy variety, so what are the benefits of Poria ginger? Tuckahoe ginger's effect and function and the edible method understand.

Step / method:

(1) Appetizer soup. 15 g Poria cocos, 12 g yam, 30 g malt, 1 fresh duck gizzard and 1 dry duck gizzard, boiled soup and drink. Treat children with dyspepsia without thinking about diet.

(2) Porridge of tuckahoe and job's tears. Tuckahoe, job's tears each 25g, orange peel 5g, japonica rice amount, porridge. The treatment of children with diarrhea due to spleen deficiency is not good for urination.

(3) Tuckahoe and job's tears cake. Tuckahoe, job's tears, white flour 30 grams each, sugar amount, grind into fine powder and evenly press into cake, steam. Suitable for children to eat, with the effect of spleen and stomach.

(4) Poria cocos, orange peel and ginger juice tea. Tuckahoe 25g, tangerine peel 5g, pan fried in water, add 10 drops of ginger juice when drinking. It has the effect of invigorating the spleen and stomach, and can be used to treat pregnancy vomiting.

(5) Poria cocos and chestnut porridge: Poria cocos 15g, chestnut 25g, jujube 10, japonica rice 100g. Add water to cook chestnut, jujube and japonica rice first; grind Poria cocos to the end, add it slowly when the rice is half cooked, mix well, and cook until the chestnut is fully cooked. It can be seasoned with sugar. We use Poria to nourish the spleen and promote dampness, chestnut to nourish the spleen and stop diarrhea, and jujube to benefit the spleen and stomach. For spleen and stomach weakness, diet reduction, loose stool diarrhea.

(6) Poria and ophiopogon porridge: 15g Poria and ophiopogon, 100g corn. Add corn and water to cook porridge; fry two herbs and take concentrated juice, add when the rice is half cooked, and cook cooked food together. From "Saint Huifang". This prescription calms the heart and mind with Fuling, nourishes Yin and clears the heart with Ophiopogon japonicus, and eliminates the irritated heat with corn. It is used for deficiency of heart Yin, upset of heart and chest, palpitation and insomnia, dry mouth and dry tongue.