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Teng Ko Erh's sister is what tiktok is. Teng Ko Erh, Mongolia, is singing the fire.

What is tiktok? What kind of stem is it tiktok? Recently, there are many Teng Ko Erh's younger sister on the shaking. Many people imitate Teng Ko Erh's singing method in watching the video. It's a little bit of Mongolia's feeling. It's quite fire now, and it has caused many people's pursuit. Let's see what's going on.

What is the tiktok?

The mime on the tiktok has always been a real show, either with a very loud voice or with a very expressive look. It's really a shame to watch it, and it's full of laughter. Recently, Teng Ko Erh's sister has been raised tiktok.

Teng Ko Erh's sister tiktok is a little sister who imitates Teng Ko Erh's singing, from the state of mind to the voice. The husky voice and the wide vocal cords are really amazing, which is from a little sister's mouth.

In fact, in terms of beauty, I feel that it should only be cousins!

Tenger information:

Tenger, born in etoke banner, Inner Mongolia in 1960, is a national first-class actor of the Central Ethnic song and dance troupe and a director of the Chinese Musician Association. He enjoys special government allowance approved by the State Council, the winner of the May 1st labor medal issued by the central state organ, and a national labor model.

Teng Ko Erh's sister is tiktok: who is it?

Recently, tiktok has different approaches but equally satisfactory results. Teng Ko Erh's sister's "sister" appeared in their voice. Their singing feelings and Teng Ko Erh's similarities and differences were similar, and the same feeling of Mongolia bag.

In fact, we mainly imitate teacher tenger. There are different versions of "tenger" for boys and girls. Recently, there are a number of younger sisters of teacher tenger,

So, does the teacher want to come over to recognize his family? A song from Tengger's sister Teng gedi'er, return of prodigal son, is for you.