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What is tiktok Li Xueqin and Wu Yifan? How did Li Xueqin catch fire

Tiktok recently, Wu Yifan had to make a video on a voice called Li Xueqin, and he replied with Li Xueqin's accent. What's the matter with Li Xueqin? Tiktok is the most successful one.

Details of Li Xueqin's personal data:

Recently, Wu Yifan had responded to a tiktok named Li Xueqin. Once the video was released, he attracted the envy of netizens. He asked Li Xueqin how he was doing, and followed the Xiaobian.

Name: Li Xueqin

Date of birth: July 1, 1995

Gender: Female

Location: Haidian District, Beijing

Weibo: I'm Li Xueqin

Introduction: a poet

Weibo fans: 306026

How did Li Xueqin get on fire

Li Xueqin starts each video with a fixed prologue, and the opening of each video is hello, I'm Li Xueqin, today...; then I'm paralyzed, and I'm serious about one thing, and then I'm done.

Because the opening words are unique and recognizable, Li Xueqin's body became popular on the Internet.

What is Wu Yifan's response to Li Xueqin

Li Xueqin sent a video before. In the video, she came to Tsinghua University to shout to Wu Yifan across the sky, and released how are you, Wu Yifan. Today, I came to Tsinghua University and made some serious introductions.

On January 9, 2019, Wu Yifan actually responded. Wu Yifan recorded a small video response, imitating Li Xueqin's unique hometown accent and said, "Hello, Li Xueqin, I'm Wu Yifan. Hold on to where I am. Look at the light and get it on.".

This can also be said to be a typical successful case of star chasing. It also attracts the real name envy of fans.

Netizens comment:

When can my name come out of my mouth.

Who is Li Xueqin? I let my brother cut it myself.

Wu Yifan really grasped the essence of Li Xueqin.

Li Xueqin, a star seeking carp, was overturned by Wu Yifan. When can I be overturned by AI Dou.

It's lovely for Wu Yifan to speak Northeast Chinese.

Li Xueqin is my source of happiness. When can I love beans to cue me.

Why is this stem turned over by Adu? Every one of you is Li Xueqin.