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What is the tiktok to persuade Chan? Advise Jackie Chan not to indulge in legend games

What brother tiktok do not indulge in the Legend game? What is the meaning of this game?

Recently, Jackie Chan has also endorsed the legendary game. Because Jackie Chan has also endorsed many products before, and has been teased by netizens. As soon as the video of the game's endorsement is released, someone joked and advised Jackie Chan not to indulge in the game. Then the stem became tiktok, and now many people are in the area of the video.

What do you mean by persuading Jackie Chan not to indulge in legendary games

In fact, it's the meaning of joking. There's no special meaning. Recently, elder brother Jackie Chan spoke for mobile games, and released a preview video. At the end of the video, Jackie Chan, wearing armor and a broadsword, stood on the set of the city building, with a very serious expression. Jackie Chan said in the advertisement that, in fact, I refused to take this legendary game advertisement before. Later, I tried to play it. The explosion rate was really high. I also gave it to VIPs. The equipment was all bull bull bull. I could hang up offline when I was busy. Now I take my family class to attack sand every day. It's very hot blooded and fun.

Shocking, because of the more people who have more slot points, the netizens make complaints about it. Most people are actually following the trend and talking about this stem.

This stem has also been played by netizens with various new tricks. It has to be said that the game is really looking for Jackie Chan's spokesperson. It has brought so much attention invisibly. The manufacturer is really powerful and farsighted!