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Can winter baby use electric blanket? Taboos and precautions for using electric blanket

For families without heating in the north, the electric blanket is a necessary thing to keep warm in winter. The electric blanket brings warmth to the cold winter. However, there are many taboos to use the electric blanket. For a few months' baby, can you use the electric blanket? What are the taboos of using electric blanket?

May have a serious impact on pregnant women and fetuses

1. Affect fetal development

When the electric blanket is electrified, it will produce magnetic field. Although the current is small, because the electric blanket is close to the pregnant woman, and the continuous high temperature of the electric blanket will deform the protein in the embryo, affect the division and development of the fetus, cause deformity in the heavy, and affect the health of the fetus in the light. If the first three months of pregnancy in the use of electric blanket pregnant women, the abortion rate will be higher.

In addition, when the temperature of the belly rises by two degrees due to the electric blanket, it will cause the fetal brain cell death, affect the development of the brain, resulting in the infant's mental retardation, and also affect the development of the fetal body tissues and organs.

Finally, electromagnetic fields can also affect the cell division of the fetus, resulting in defects in the baby's bones.

2. Pregnant women are more likely to get sick

In contrast, pregnant women who use electric blankets are more likely to catch cold and get sick than those who do not. This is because the electric blanket will make pregnant women's own cold resistance decline, the resistance will be weakened.

3. Harm to children's physical development

1) Weakened immunity

In the same way, children get used to the temperature of electric blanket, which will reduce their own resistance and immunity, so they are more likely to be infected with the virus and get sick. Studies have shown that children who often use electric blankets have a longer duration and higher frequency of cold.

2) Allergic dermatitis

Because of the continuous heat dissipation of the electric blanket, the moisture in the skin of children's body is evaporated and dried, which is easy to cause dry cracks in winter. The heat source of the electric blanket stimulates the skin. The child's immature skin is prone to allergy and itching, which leads to the occurrence of skin diseases and causes pain to the child.

3) Restlessness, night cry

Continuous use of electric blanket will make children lose water and lead to dryness of laryngeal mucosa. Children will have dehydration symptoms such as hoarseness and restlessness. Children will often cry at night. Babies will also lose water and lead to dehydration heat, which can be life-threatening in serious cases.

4) Affect physical development

When the electric blanket is connected to the power supply, it will generate certain electromagnetic field while generating heat. This electromagnetic field has a certain impact on the growth and development of children's body, and the long-term high temperature is not good for the development of children's scrotum.

Precautions for use of electric blanket

1. The electric blanket should be laid flat on the bed and cannot be folded, because there are lines in it. If it is folded, it may break the wires inside and cause electric leakage.

2. When using the electric blanket, it should not be directly laid on the layer directly contacting with the body, but should be padded with a thinner mattress or sheet on it to avoid scalding caused by too high temperature.

3. When the electric blanket is powered on, do not put anything else on it except the thin mattress or bed sheet, otherwise it is likely to cause fire due to the high local temperature.

4. Generally speaking, turn on the electric blanket switch one or two hours before going to bed so that it can heat the bedding. Before going to bed, turn off the power, take out the electric blanket, and then go to bed. Never sleep with the power on until dawn, which can easily cause chronic burns.

5. Put a cup of boiled water near the head of the bed to avoid water shortage due to too much water volatilization in the body due to the use of electric blanket. You should also apply some lotion on your body to prevent skin from drying and peeling.