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How does darling cough all the time bad do? Recommended formula for baby cough

In the clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine, the types of cough often differ from external and internal injuries. External cough includes cold wind, hot wind, cough, etc. especially in winter, children's cough is a headache for adults. Have you tried the pediatric cough therapy? If the baby's cough is not particularly serious, you can try it.

Recommended diet for children's cough

Children with respiratory infection, influenza and other diseases, often accompanied by cough symptoms, cough can generally be called wind cold cough, wind heat cough. After children cough, in addition to the treatment of symptomatic medication, it can also be supplemented by medical diet conditioning, the effect is quite significant. Here are some prescriptions of cough medicine diet for reference only.

1, pear congee

Take 1-2 pineapples and 100g rice. Wash and chop the pears, add in the washed white rice, cook into porridge, and eat it while it is warm.

This prescription has the functions of clearing away heat, clearing lung and resolving phlegm. It is suitable for children with lung heat cough, anorexia, fever, dry mouth and dry tongue.

2. Caramel and radish juice

Wash and chop the radish, and twist the juice with clean gauze. Take 30ml of turnip juice, 20ml of caramel, add some boiling water, mix and take. Three times a day.

This prescription has the effect of smoothing Qi and relieving cough, moistening lung and resolving phlegm.

3. Chuanbei almond drink

Take 6 g of Fritillaria sichuanensis, 3 g of apricot kernel, and proper amount of crystal sugar. Wash the Fritillaria sichuanensis, peel and wash the almonds, put them in the pot, add some water and cook. Add sugar and simmer for another 30 minutes. Take it once a day before going to bed.

This prescription has the effect of resolving phlegm and clearing cough. It can be used for coughing, stuffy nose and runny nose, thin white phlegm, etc.