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What color of hair will be popular in 2019? These colors make you the most white

2018 is coming to an end, so what color is popular in 2019? For girls, a popular hair color is the key to improve temperament and fashion. Don't worry. Today's Xiaobian will summarize what color is popular this year for you. If you want to change your hair style for the new year, you can refer to it in advance.

2019 hair color fashion: light linen

Hair style: curly

When it comes to what color is popular in 2019 hair, the hairdresser first introduces this light linen color. The color is fashionable and beautiful, and it is very skin color. It's just too beautiful to match with the temperament and voluminous hair.

2019 hair color fashion: brown hair color

Hair style: medium and long curly

Classic Brown is also a popular hair color in 2019. The color is fashionable, versatile and endurable. You don't need to worry about whether it will be damaged after dyeing. It's pretty greasy to see this kind of shawl with medium and long curly hair.

Popular hair color in 2019: milk tea hair color

Hair type: medium long hair

The sweet milk tea color can be liked by girls. The hair color is sweet and good-looking, and can also set off the skin white. It will be very beautiful with a straight hair or medium long hair. It will easily make you become a sweet teacher.

2019 hair color fashion: dark linen

Hair style: short hair with full neck

The hairdresser himself likes this kind of short hair with full neck. It's just the length of chin and neck. It's flattering and Slimmer! With the deep flax color matching popular in 2019, it looks good to fly in an instant.

2019 hair color fashion: light gold

Hair style: shoulder length

The sexy light gold color is also one of the popular hair colors in 2019. This hair color is especially suitable for fashionable women. The color is eye-catching and fashionable, showing fashionable women's temperament when out of the street.

2019 hair color fashion: brown red

Hair style: Bobo

For the girl with short hair, you can choose the brown red hair color popular in 2019. After dyeing, it will enhance the fashion index, make her more outstanding and brighten her skin color.

2019 hair color fashion: Light Pink

Hair style: Qi Bangbo

Pony big God's Qi Bangbo, hair tail cut very thin, has a very good weakening effect on the round face, this light pink hair color is more for the beauty value points, the skin white people dyed is absolutely a fairy.