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What are the taboos of Spring Festival? Origin and origin of Spring Festival

The Spring Festival of our country starts at the beginning of the first month of the lunar calendar. The Spring Festival indicates the beginning of the year. How much do you know about the ban on the Spring Festival? Today's editor will show you the different taboos and precautions of the Spring Festival.

Taboo of Spring Festival

1. It is said that children's crying will bring mildew to the family. Even if something happens, parents should try not to let children cry.

2. The damage of tools or other equipment means the disappearance of wealth in the next year, so businessmen should try to prevent this from happening.

3. There's nothing urgent. Try not to go to the hospital. It's said that you'll get sick next year.

4. Theft: it's better not to let others steal your goods and money during the Spring Festival, because there is a saying that if you don't take good care of your pocket, the next year is a sign of the loss of money.

5. Debt: don't lend money to others in the new year, and all debts should be settled before New Year's Eve. If someone else still owes money and doesn't pay it back, don't go to someone else's house to ask for it. It's said that if we do this, everything will go wrong next year.

6. Don't see the bottom of rice VAT during the new year, because it is said that there is a danger of cooking out.

7. Clothes damaged: new clothes shall not be damaged. In particular, children should not wear such clothes in the first month of the new year, otherwise it will cause mildew.

8. Don't kill animals during the Spring Festival, because seeing blood is also an ominous omen, which will lead to wealth, or knife injury, and major injuries.

9. Also don't wear white or black clothes because these two colors are usually closely related to death.

10. Welcome the new year: according to the superstitious custom, people usually keep watch on New Year's Eve and set off firecrackers in the early morning to drive away the new year God.

11. You can't wash your hair on the first day of the new year, because "Fa" is the same as "Fa" in Chinese. So if you wash your hair, you will wash away the wealth at the beginning of the new year.

Introduction to the origin of Spring Festival

There used to be a monster called Nian, with a long pointed head and ferocity. He lived in the sea. On New Year's Eve, I will climb up the bank and spit out livestock to hurt my life. So on New Year's Eve, everyone fled to the mountains to avoid the injury of the year. This year, an old man came from the village with a silver beard and a bright eye. In the middle of the night, Nian rushed into the village and was about to show off his ferocity when suddenly there was a crackling explosion. The old man put on his red robe and presented himself in front of Nian. Nian shuddered all over and fled back to the sea. He dared not enter the village at night. This is the legend of Chinese New Year and the origin of firecrackers. After thousands of years of development, the custom of Chinese new year has become richer and richer.

The origin of Spring Festival

There are many theories about the origin of the Spring Festival, among which several are representative. For example, the Spring Festival originated from wax sacrifice, witchcraft ceremony, ghost festival and so on. But it is generally accepted that the Spring Festival rose from Yushun period. On a day more than 2000 BC, Shun, the son of heaven, led his subordinates to worship heaven and earth. Since then, people have regarded this day as the beginning of the year. It is said that this is the origin of the lunar new year, later called the Spring Festival.