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What should I do when the windows get foggy in winter? The right way to deal with the fog of windows

Winter can be said to be the most foggy season for the glass in the car. Because the temperature outside the car is very low in winter, and the difference between the temperature inside the car and the temperature inside the car is too big, the car will be very easy to foggy. If the foggy situation affects the vision of the driver and is very easy to cause traffic accidents, what should I do when the window is foggy in winter?

Method 1: open the window

The front methods are anti fog and defog with the window closed, but you can also open the window. Air circulation, there is no temperature difference inside and outside the car, so the fog will not form naturally. Of course, the premise of using this method is that you are not afraid of cold.

Method 2: directly blow glass with wind

If there is fog on the front door glass that affects the rear-view mirror, you can adjust the direction of the left and right air outlets, blow against the left and right front door glass for a while, and wait for the condensed water vapor above to evaporate.

Method 3: air conditioning warm air demisting

The advantages of air conditioning and warm air demisting are obvious. The effect of this method is longer than the previous two, and will not be repeated. The disadvantage is that the effect is relatively slow, and this method can not be used for demisting during driving, that is to say, it needs to be blown in the cold air for more than ten minutes first.

Method four: spray mist removal.

The advantage of this method is that the effect will be better, and the maintenance time will be longer. Spray the defogger once on the glass, the effect will last about 5-10 days; however, the cost will be higher, and the defogger has chemical substances, without proper ventilation, it will have a certain impact on the air in the car and the health of people.