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How much is the most cost-effective endowment insurance? Is it good enough for 15 years

We know that if you have paid endowment insurance for more than 15 years and you have reached the legal retirement age, you can get endowment insurance. Some people will wonder, how many years is the most cost-effective endowment insurance to pay? Today, Xiaobian sorted out the following content for you to answer questions, hoping to help you.

Generally speaking, you can enjoy social security when you reach the retirement age after 15 years. Social security includes endowment insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance and housing provident fund. If you pay more, your personal account will be saved more, and your pension will be higher in the future. If there is a unit, you only have a small head (pension 8%, provident fund 8%, medical treatment 2% + 7 yuan, unemployment 1%, work-related injury and maternity insurance do not need you to pay) the unit has a big head. If you have a headache, you can use medical insurance.

The longer the payment period is, the more the payment is, the higher the pension treatment is. This is the general rule of social endowment insurance system. According to the current system, China's social pension benefits include two parts: basic pension and individual account pension. For every additional year after 15 years of payment, the basic pension benefits will be increased by 1 percentage point; And individual pay cost is counted into its individual account completely, whose individual account stores amount much, the annuity treatment that gets by the month is high, even if store amount hair is finished, as long as the insured person is still alive, the country also guarantees to continue to pay according to this standard till its death.

Paying for 15 years is not the best deal. The age of payment determines the first month after retirement and is the initial pension level for the future adjustment base. According to the regulations, with the rise of wage level and price level, the pension will be adjusted according to the initial pension. The higher the initial pension is, the higher the adjustment will be.

There is a positive correlation between the amount of pension and the amount of contribution. No matter from the amount of pension received every month after retirement or the overall income to pay ratio, the longer the contribution time is, the more cost-effective. Therefore, we should take part in endowment insurance as soon as possible. The longer we take part in the insurance, the more we pay for it, and the more pension we will receive after retirement.