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What pot is the best for stewing bird's nest? The bird's nest stew is exquisite

Bird's nest is a kind of high nutrition beauty product. How to eat it to give full play to its maximum effect? Stewed bird's nest is exquisite. Do you have any research on the utensils for stewed bird's nest? Which pot is the best for stewing bird's nest? As a valuable tonic for beauty and beauty, we must give full play to the effect of bird's nest.

Which pot is the best for stewing bird's nest

There is a kind of professional stewing cup for the pot used in bird's nest stewing, and the bird's nest stewing needs to be separated from water, so that the stewed bird's nest will be original. Before stewing, the bird's nest needs to be soaked for about 4 hours to 6 hours. After soaking, the bird's nest can be put into the stewing cup according to your own taste preferences, and several red dates and wolfberry can be added, Wait until the bird's nest is stewed, then add some ice sugar, or add 100 ml milk into the bird's nest.

How much water does it take to stew bird's nest

Bird's nest is a very nutritious tonic. It's a tonic for women. Women who have conditions like to eat some bird's nest to make up their bodies. How to make a bird's nest? How much water should be put? It depends on how many bird's nests you put in. We can't stand to soak the bird's nest you want to stew in water and pick up the dirty things in it. After three days, such as If the diet is not controlled, the weight will rise rapidly, and it may be heavier than before, that is, rebound, so it is suggested that if you want to lose weight, you should choose the right way, not this unscientific way.

The right way to stew bird's nest

1. bubble hair

Choose a bird's nest and soak your hair with water.

Hair soaking time: 4-6 hours for Yan Zhan, 3-4 hours for Yan Tiao, 3 hours for Yan Diao

2. Change water and pick up hair

When the bird's nest has two hours of hair soaking, pick out the fine hair impurities in the bird's nest with tweezers, change water to filter them, tear the bird's cup into strips, and then continue to soak the hair with water.

3. add water

After the bird's nest is soaked, drain the bird's nest with a strainer, place it in a stew, and then add water higher than the surface of the bird's nest

4. Add water to the stew

The special slow stew electric stew pot with water separation has the highest water injection level indicated, and water can be added according to the standard.

If there is no electric stew pot, you can also use a common pot, a little high stew cup, and add water to cover 1 / 2 of the stew cup (the water should not be too much, otherwise it will spray everywhere when boiling).

5. Slow stew

When stewing bird's nest, you should choose the method of slow stewing.

Slow stewing time: 40 minutes for electric stew (100-200W); 30 minutes for electric stew (300W); 30 minutes for gas equipment;

Those who use the gas stove, remember to adjust it to a mild state, or the bird's nest will stew too much and turn into water.

According to the stewing experience summary, if the stew is a little longer, such as 40 minutes, the taste of bird's nest is more smooth, waxy and soft; if the stew time is relatively tight, for example, if the stew is about 30 minutes, the bird's nest tends to be crisp.

Of course, it depends on the specific stew pot power and other factors. Parents can try several times to find out their favorite bird's nest taste~

In addition to the method of slow stewing with water separation, there are also the methods of steaming in the pot, direct stewing and simple and crude direct cooking.

The reason why the slow stewing method with water separation is recommended is that the temperature in the stewing cup can be naturally maintained at about 80 & deg; C, greatly reducing the damage to the protein in the bird's nest and better preserving the nutrition of the bird's nest!