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How often do you eat bird's nest? Precautions and taboos for eating bird's nest

Bird's nest is a kind of popular nutrition and health care product. However, many people abuse health care products in their daily life. How often is it better to eat bird's nest? Today's editor will summarize the precautions and taboos about eating bird's nest for you.

How often do you eat bird's nest is the best

1. Generally, a normal swallow cup can be eaten for a week, about 1g per day. Take it on an empty stomach before going to sleep at night or in the morning every day. It will definitely have obvious effect if you keep it for 3 months.

2. Every time you stew the bird's nest, take a swallow's cup and soak it in the water. Remember that it must be cold water (pure water is recommended). Generally, soak it for 5 hours. Generally speaking, if you stew in the morning, you should soak it in the evening. If you stew in the evening, you should start to soak it in the morning. When you boil it, you should take it out and drain it. Don't pour the water and put it aside.

3. Bubble good bird's nest cleaning hair, the best is to leak under the tap water repeatedly rinse with water.

4. After cleaning, put it in a big bowl, fill about 200ml of pure water, put on a bag of leaves that we know in Indonesia, and then put on two pieces of ice sugar (the best is yellow ice sugar, the sweetness can be adjusted according to your taste), and cover the bowl (remember not to open the lid during the whole process of steaming). Then put the bowl on the steaming rack and steam it over water. First boil it over high heat, then simmer.

5. Stewing time: Indonesia's top White swallows are generally 1 hour and 30 minutes, Indonesia's top red swallows are generally 2 hours and 30 minutes, the first level white swallows are 45 minutes, the first level red swallows are 1 hour and 40 minutes, and the top level swallows and other series are the same time as the first level bird's nest.

Precautions for edible bird's nest

1. Generally, when eating bird's nest, eat less spicy and greasy food, because bird's nest contains more protein, so when eating bird's nest, eat less acidic food, at least avoid eating at the same time.

2. When eating bird's nest, don't smoke or less, and avoid second-hand smoke.

3. When taking other drugs, whether Chinese or western medicine, you can eat bird's nest during the period, just to avoid taking them at the same time, usually one or two hours apart.

4. Eat bird's nest to avoid drinking tea at the same time, because the tea contains tea acid, which will damage the nutrition of bird's nest, it is best to drink one hour apart.

5. Eat bird's nest with less food and more meals. Eat regularly. Dry bird's nest should be 3-5g each time. Ready to eat bird's nest should be about 20-30g each time. Eat it on an empty stomach once a day or the next day. It's best to eat it on an empty stomach in the morning or before going to bed at night.

6. For those who are allergic to aspirin, it is recommended not to eat bird's nest.

7. Newborns less than 4 months can not directly absorb bird's nest nutrition and are not suitable to eat bird's nest. It can be eaten after April and stewed for a little longer, which can increase the physique and appetite, and promote the growth and development of the body and intelligence.