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Will losing weight lead to hair loss? How to solve hair loss caused by losing weight too fast

It is said that "one white covers all ugly, one fat destroys all" this society is not friendly to fat people, and everyone knows it. So losing weight has become a big thing for every beauty loving girl, but some people will do a lot of unhealthy behaviors in order to lose weight. So it leads to many side effects, such as hair loss, so what should I do if I lose weight?

Lose weight too fast hair will fall

Losing weight too fast is likely to cause hair loss, especially in some ways.

Many people will go on a diet to lose weight, but some extreme dieting practices will cause harm to the body, such as eating only fruits and vegetables instead of meat, or even giving up the main food completely, which may lead to hair loss. Many people only eat fruits and vegetables to lose weight, not meat and staple food, which will inevitably lead to malnutrition, can not nourish yin and kidney, nourish blood and flourish hair, thus leading to hair loss. Dieting can reduce the iron level in the body, lead to the decrease of blood supply of hair follicle, or the disturbance of local nerve regulation function, resulting in malnutrition of hair follicle, resulting in hair loss. In addition, the main components of hair are protein and many trace elements such as zinc, iron and copper. If you don't eat staple food or meat, it will inevitably lead to hair malnutrition and loss.

In addition to the loss of hair caused by malnutrition in the process of weight loss, there is also the possibility of hair loss caused by excessive weight loss pressure. In the early days of weight loss, some hair friends often feel desperate because they can't see the significant effect. In the long run, it will cause the limousine muscle to contract and the hair to stand upright. The contraction of the muscle layer of the scalp tissue will cause congestion and poor blood flow, which will cause the contraction of the capillaries that supply nutrients to the hair follicles, and cause the local blood circulation disorder, so as to cause the ecological change and malnutrition of the hair, which will lead to hair loss. When you are on an extreme diet or in a demanding weight-loss program, you may experience greater mental stress. Anxiety and mental pressure will make the body's cortisol level too high, which will lead to strong oil secretion, atrophy of hair follicles and hair loss.

How to lose weight too quickly

Stop weight loss and nutrition supplement

If the phenomenon of hair loss occurs in the process of weight loss, it is necessary to stop this way of weight loss first, and then supplement the nutrition needed by the hair to the body. Experts suggest that people who lose weight lose their hair. They should immediately stop the wrong diet and adopt a balanced diet. Eat more protein, fat, vitamins, copper, zinc, iron and other minerals high content of food. Such as: lean meat, eggs, etc., to nourish blood and kidney, restore health, promote hair growth.

Quit greasy and sweet food

If hair loss occurs, avoid greasy food, such as fried food, fat meat, animal viscera, etc. Light diet can change the composition of cortex, increase the proportion of squalene, reduce the proportion of other ingredients, and reduce the secretion rate of sebum. In addition, sweets will produce acid substances in the process of metabolism in the body, which will hinder the growth of hair, and the high heat produced by the decomposition of sugars will also make sweat glands and sebaceous glands secrete vigorously, which will make subcutaneous fat accumulation easier, hinder the nutrition supply of hair follicles and easily lose hair.

Strike a proper balance between work and rest

In the process of losing weight, we must not be anxious, neither excessive diet nor excessive exercise. Adjust the food structure reasonably, pay attention to the collocation of main food and auxiliary food and slow down the eating speed at the same time. Breakfast is essential. You can eat some iron supplement food to serve as breakfast, which not only has nutrition but also maintains hair. In addition, if you want to lose weight through exercise, you should not choose too vigorous exercise. Most of the consumed sugar after vigorous exercise is sugar in your body, which is not suitable for those who have too much fat.