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How to choose witnesses for marriage? Precautions for selecting marriage witnesses

First of all, marriage witnesses are generally looking for older elders, such as relatives, friends and leaders. But there are many things to pay attention to when choosing marriage witnesses. Let's take a look at them.

Most of the new people have the following considerations: first of all, it's an opportunity for leaders to show their face and the general leaders are very happy to do it. I think it's the subordinates who give him face and increase the impression of new people. In the future, I will take care of more or less in the unit.

Secondly, speech in such a crowded situation is also the strength of leaders. To put it bluntly, leaders are all people who have seen the scene. In this case, it is the safest choice for leaders to come out, without mistakes or tension.

[disadvantages]: if the relationship of the unit is complex, and there are several leaders with similar positions attending the wedding at the same time, which leader to choose should be very careful.

2. elders

The second choice is that many elders are also happy with it. Because it's a very happy thing to see your children get married and start their own businesses.

Moreover, as a family member, he is generally familiar with new people, and his words will be full of love, which can set off a warm atmosphere.

But the elders are not necessarily as open as the leaders, especially the older ones, whose thinking and adaptability may not be so clear and easy to be ignored.


1. The elderly generally have limited education and stay in one place. Their dialect is quite serious.

2. The elderly may have poor memory. When they are on stage, they are more likely to forget their words. They should be very careful about this situation. On the other hand, it also increases the burden of the elderly.

3. There are many elders in the family. We must deal with them well. It's easy to offend other elders accidentally.

3、 What are the precautions for choosing a witness?

1. Generally, the marriage witness will ask for a period of time in advance, but in order to avoid that the marriage witness fails to arrive at the scene due to some reason on the same day, it is necessary to prepare a backhand, and then find another person to be the marriage witness.

This person must be very close to himself or others will feel that you didn't look for me before, but now you look for me. I feel very disrespectful. It's better to say it in advance.

2. The marriage testimony must be well checked and the time must be well controlled. When the marriage testimony is ready, the marriage witnesses must look at it by themselves. If it is too long, they should give their opinions and discuss the modification.

3. The clothes of the marriage witness should also be properly dressed in advance. Because he was also a very important person at the wedding.