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What about children with flu? How to prevent and protect children's influenza

It's cold season again. The number of sick children has increased significantly in recent years, and they are in the season of high incidence of cold. So how to identify and prevent them as parents? How to do a good job in family care? Today's editor will learn some common knowledge about influenza with you.

1. What are the symptoms of influenza?

Generally, the patient will have a sudden fever, with a body temperature of 39-40 & deg; C, sore throat, headache, cough, muscle and joint pain and other symptoms. Infants often have vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. A small number of patients complicated with pneumonia, myositis, myocarditis, pericarditis, nervous system damage and other complications, the elderly, chronic disease patients, infants and young children are the risk population of such serious cases.

Every winter and spring there will be influenza, but this year's flu is more ferocious. Recently, the number of outpatients in pediatrics of the central medical hospital has continued to rise. If your child has flu symptoms, you should see a doctor and take medicine in time to avoid delay.

2. How to prevent influenza?

At present, it is in the outbreak season of influenza and other infectious diseases, and preventive measures should be taken actively:

1. Keep away from the source of infection

In the case of good air condition, the house should be ventilated frequently every day to keep the air fresh; wear masks when going out, and try to avoid going to places with dense personnel and dirty air.

2. Improve children's resistance

Children eat three meals a day regularly. The proportion of staple food, fruits and vegetables, poultry, fish, meat and eggs is 3:2:1. They eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. To ensure adequate sleep, strengthen exercise, keep warm and increase or decrease clothes will help to improve children's self resistance and reduce the risk of influenza infection.

3. Develop good hygiene habits

Pay attention to personal hygiene habits, wash hands frequently, especially before and after meals, after touching eyes, nose or mouth, and after going home; try to wash with hand sanitizer or soap and flowing water.

What about children with flu?

1. If the child is found to be infected, take the child to the hospital in time and take the medicine according to the doctor's order. Closely observe the change of the child's condition. When the condition changes, such as continuous high fever, dyspnea, severe vomiting, etc., it should be treated in time.

2. The house is ventilated every day to keep the air fresh.

3. It is suggested that parents should let their children not go to school temporarily and pay attention to rest.

4. There are two treasures at home. When one of them is infected with influenza, the child who is not infected with influenza should be isolated from the child and be given timely preventive drugs. As far as possible, a relatively fixed family member should take care of the child and pay attention to strengthening personal protection. When contacting the patient in close contact, they should wear masks.

5. During the recovery period of influenza, parents should prevent the risk of secondary infection. Children's immunity declines after being infected with influenza. If their care is not in place, they may be infected with other types of influenza again. This is the most easily ignored by parents.